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For Sale: The Fabulous Frogs
Medium: Impasto Limoso
Artist: Welles B Goodrich
Date: 1999
Dimensions: 40.25" W x 50" H

Price: $30,000


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Clicking on the first thumbnail will yield a bigger image. The second shows a close-up of the central ‘rosette’. Click on the third for a comparatively huge image. Clicking on the fourth image will download a PDF that includes the sales info, images and back-story.


The Fabulous Frogs was one of those circumstantial pieces that end in a perfect harmony of materials. It was also the last and best piece of Impasto Limoso I’ll ever create. Here’s how it happened.

Garrett Toren of Genuine Gold and Burl frequently allowed me to wander through his warehouse and drool over beautiful frame materials. For months I had wanted to do something with the pattern, made by Arquati, that now frames TFF. One day we were talking about frames when he mentioned that in over forty years he had never been able to make a frame from a carved molding with more than three perfectly matched corners. No artwork ever matched a pattern perfectly. After mulling that one over a while, I asked Garrett to make a frame in the 48” range with four matched corners of my favorite stock. As we discussed the project, the idea of turning the frame around and making a rosette of matched inside corners popped into one of our heads.

When the frames were made I was entranced but hadn’t a clue what to do with them. They sat in plain sight, every day silently demanding attention and implying the need for action. Six months later the obvious struck me. The silver lily pads… hey wait those look like lily pads! Frogs. That was the answer of course, frogs and lily pads. They go together like, well, any two things that go together in the clichés. It was a solid 5-watt inspiration.

I set about to create the most beautiful piece I could to enhance those frames by using all the best techniques I’d evolved in five years of intense development of the art form. Little things like those pebbles or rocks took considerable experimentation to discover the exact density at which I could have pigmented sheet rock mud drop off a spoon and splat in those shapes without cracking as it dried. I could go on with the minutiae of techniques but wait, is that a yawn I see? In any event it took six months to recieve the inspiration and four months to create The Fabulous Frogs.

When I got to working on the little image for the central rosette, rather than try a miniature mud frog I chose to use one of Marty Magic’s sculpted frogs. I purchased a silver casting as that was the material in which that particular frog was made and had it gold plated. Eventually, over the years a partial patina mix between the gold plate and sliver’s oxidation gave it a unique hue and I sealed it in urethane to halt the changes.



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Welles B Goodrich