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In the early 1990's I spent a year performing a sort of meditation on the nature of Love. That effort took the form of collecting quotes about Love from every point of view I could unearth in the stacks of our local libraries. After I'd collected over six thousand quotations the degree of repetition became really boring so I stopped. However the breadth of human views on the subject of love were still fascinating so I decided to edit collection down to six hundred while preserving the widest array of viewpoints possible. In the end I chose three hundred by men and three hundred by women.

In the whole panoply of human expressions on the subject there were two major clusters in the realms of romance and the Love of God. While these are amply represented I chose to share a wider spectrum from the material to the spiritual. The Book of Love is the result. It is a PDF compilation with a searchable author index. If the format looks a little dated it was assembled ten years ago in an early version of PageMaker.

The yearlong study was particularly valuable not because it resulted in definitive answers but because it provided focus. In truth, our comprehension of Love evolves throughout our lives. Any definition that might have been viable for me then has been eclipsed by time and continued focus on the topic. My current view is that Love is the energy field of the Creator in which spirit has form. We access it by opening our hearts and that energy provides the power of transformation within us toward perfection. It's a process of fits and starts, progress and rest. We're all just beginners in this grade. The earth is a pre-school. Wait until kindergarten.

Below you'll find two versions of the Book of Love in PDF format, one for screen viewing and one with a higher quality cover page for download and print.

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