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Computer Graphics

My last artworks were computer generated. I entered the world of computers rather late in life specifically to create the Portrait of Christ. Developing the skills to do that gave me such an appreciation of the creative potential inherent in digital tools that I fell in love with them. As the saying goes, "I discovered my inner nerd." Thousands of images later, it's time for me to go on the next phase of my earthly tenure.

Much of my work was celebratory. Holidays, birthdays and just day-to-day events could be embellished graphically. I loved two holidays in particular. Christmas is a tradition that lends itself to beauty. Halloween occurs during a time of year when a fabulous palette of colors is available and it has a rich history of iconic imagery. Of course there were endless opportunities for diversions into the unknown depths of the imagination as well as little quick graphics to embellish emails. The ability to sit and by merely twiddling one's fingers see amazing results approaches the miraculous.

I'll not claim particular expertise in the field of computer graphics but it was fun! So here are two galleries of images from the last 14 years. A single gallery would have been too cumbersome so I split the 48 images into two. There's no particular order and the only naming convention applies to some of the holiday images. A two-digit number indicates the year for which the piece was made.

Gallery I Gallery II
Gallery I Gallery II