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Embroidery was my one of my first forays into the arts. I began sewing as part of my self-imposed environmental psychotherapy. In all only nine pieces were finished. The first four were small little pieces done on scraps of linen. They were learning pieces followed by a work of some significance now lost in old proverbial mists of time. The last four are pictured here. Click or tap on any of the thumbnail images to see the larger version. To dismiss those, click or tap anywhere in the popup image window.


Life Preserver

12.5" diameter

Life Preserver was sewn shortly after a visit to Hawaii stimulated by a romantic fantasy. After my return, for a while life seemed so bleak it was as if I was trudging down a desolate road in a hard deserted landscape, still harboring a dream of that verdant tropical beauty. Creating this piece allayed that feeling. Whew, what a relief!


Popping My Own Balloon

42.75" W x 46.5" H


Close-up PMOB

21" diameter canvas

I had to face it. The emotional defenses built up by my existence led me to be pompously self-important in spite of the fact that there was no substance or reason for that delusion. Ha! I really needed to deflate those pretensions if any spiritual progress could be expected. So I spent months driving that lesson home by crafting this embroidery on a painted background. In time it was framed by repeating the balloon theme in laminated pine with rope and a purple heart 'needle'. I gave this piece to a friend who has preserved it for some thirty years. To prepare the work for photographing I intended to refinish the 'natural' pine frame but was struck by a small inspiration and painted it instead.



8" W x 10" H

In 1969 I started dreaming of a world built on Love. That nebulous concept of some sort of organization was strong enough that I was able to elicit the artistic skills of Dr. Robert W. Thornton of Davis, California to draw the logo for Theoretics Institute. The design included the words Reality and Fantasy joined at the Y. Fantasy would be mirror imaged and lines from the edges of the text would create a knot over which the word Theoretics would be drawn. About fifteen years later I embroidered it. Everything on the Chutzpah Galleries site but this single logo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. The Theoretics logo is Copyrght © 2012 Welles B Goodrich. All rights reserved.


Bonny Doon Summer

17.5" Widest Diameter

From 1982 to 1985 I had the good fortune to live with some friends in Bonny Doon, CA. My bedroom for much of that stay was a wonderful old two level platform in a redwood grove. For pure natural loveliness it was stunning. Flowers were an abundant element In the surrounding environment as were all sorts of creatures, especially hummingbirds. I was so taken with the beauty that my final embroidery was an expression of my feeling for that place. It took six months to stitch the embroidery and sculpt the birds-eye maple frame. Because of the interest of Marilyn Hanson, I donated the piece, in 1988, to the City of Santa Cruz Sister Cities Program to be a gift to our most recent international connection, Aleushta, Crimea (at the time USSR). As far as I know it still resides there in the little municipal museum.