Index Theoretics
Inquire Within This is the story of my first conscious religious experiment. It occurred in the Spring of 1969 and was the commencement of a spiritual odyssey.
Portrait of Christ Four years later I was presented to a being beyond the physical sphere and returned to try and make sense of the experience.
Long Thoughts "Long Thoughts for Short Attention Spans" is a book of essays and images. It is the distillation of a lifetime's exploration of our universe.
Book of Love A study of love through quotations. From love of things to love of God, everyone has a different viewpoint and they keep evolving.
Written Essays Most of these essays are included in "Long Thoughts for Short Attention Spans." As time goes on additional ones will be added in the Theoretics Blog.
Graphic Essays Take an insight, embellish it graphically and the ideas and experiences of the 'reader' will coalesce to create a personalized moment of illumination.
Embroidery Among my first artistic efforts was a series of embroideries. I thought of them as slow paintings.
Watercolors As I gained some skill in creating images in embroidery, my tool set expanded to include watercolors.
Acrylic Paintings Someone looked at one of the watercolors and told me that the techniques I was developing would best be applied to painting with acrylic paints.
Impasto Limoso Imagine bas-relief paintings made with pigmented sheetrock mud. These are my most original art works.
Sculpture Only three sculptures have survived to make to this date which is rather odd considering the number created. Making 'stuff' was like breathing.
Computer Graphics Computers came into my life fairly recently but I discovered my inner nerd instantly and love them as creative tools.
Info Credits, permissions for public sharing or content use and contact info can be found here.
Sales One piece of my physical artwork will be for sale at a time. The proceeds will fund Theoretics Institute.