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Hi. My name is Welles B. Goodrich. In large part I am the creator of this site. I designed it, wrote the essays and blurbs, was the primary artist on all the works but one, photographed the artwork and formatted almost all the files. In a way this is completely my creation but if we were to be truthful I just sort of did my little bit on top of the efforts of untold numbers of other people. Other people made all the tools and materials I used. Even if my thoughts may be slight evolutionary nudges forward, the ideas are evolved from those who preceded me and provided the context in which they formed. That becomes even more obvious when you consider the digital world.

I’m sitting here at my computer twiddling my fingers to ‘create’ this text. I’m twiddling on a device that required millions of brilliant minds, skilled technicians, and highly disciplined workers to produce. How much am I really originating? How much ‘credit’ should go to the final finger twiddler in that chain of events? In fact, should I go clear back to the origin and thank the Creator for this Universe in which the material worlds evolved that allowed people to exist and make the stuff that I used to create this site? Well that’s a conundrum for sure. Forget that! I’m gonna hog all the credit with the exception of a few thank yous.

My sister, Mary Jane Goodrich, was my editor and initiated the book concept for Long Thoughts. Tim Eagan provided the cover artwork for Long Thoughts. Garrett Toren of Genuine Gold and Burl provided all the frames in the Impasto Limoso series. Not only is his warehouse a treasure trove but also if you give him the opportunity Garrett’s skill of matching artwork to frame stock is superb. I used Marty Magic’s gold and silver miniature cast sculptures of beetles, bats, ladybugs, a clown and a frog in a half a dozen works of the Impasto Limoso series. In 1983 Francine Larstein and David Boye provided the talents and skills necessary to take my designs and etch them on both sides of Inquire Within. Finally, perhaps the most important skill for realizing this web site was the coding wizardry of Lindsey Freeman. Thank you all.


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