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I've been writing essays, sometimes the same one over and over for a long time. Some of the lines of thought extend back in time more than fifty years. Over the years the ideas had become so refined that I felt I could express distillations of profound concepts and settled on a one-page format to spark illumination rather than provide exhaustive definition.

My sister who had started editing my new series of essays suggested the idea of a book. I'd never even thought of it. Just then a friend, Tim Eagan, gave me the image you see above. As my real work in life has been pondering the nature and structure of reality, his image struck a resonant chord and supported my sister's suggestion. And so the book, Long Thoughts for Short Attention Spans was initiated by circumstance.

The original volume turned out to be a total of 72 pages. Included are twenty-seven one-page essays, three longer (but still mercifully short) stories and an equal number of graphic images. It includes Inquire Within and Portrait of Christ. My latest edition also includes a postscript introducing additional essays. They were written in the year following the completion of the project. To my amusement I keep feeling that I've reached the end of my essay writing just before some new insight seems to demand I continue. I'll keep adding them in the future.

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