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Portrait of Christ

After my first successful religious experiment described in Inquire Within, I continued exploring the use of a spiritual connection both for internal inquiry and everyday practical matters. A few years later I was given an experience beyond my capacity to imagine which made the linkage permanent. This is the story of that event along with an image created to try and more fully share the incident with others. It forced me to undergo a profound change when my mental horizons were expanded beyond merely a material definition of existence.

I'm offering the story in three formats. Immediately below this you'll find a Read Essay link. That will load just the text of the story in your browser. Next you will find a Download PDF link for a version optimized for screen. That version includes both the image and the story. For those interested in printing a version I've created a Text Only PDF and nine variations of the Portrait of Christ image in high quality PDF formats. The only difference in the different cover images is the view of the earth. Click on any of the thumbnail images to see a larger version. Click on the Download PDF links to download the print quality version.

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