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It seems odd to me that I only have three sculptures left. Maybe that’s because so much of my work includes sculptural elements but mostly they have just ceased to exist. I’m lucky to have these three.


Aladdin's Lamp

23" L x 11.5" H x 7" D

I crafted this from various hardwoods scrounged from friends, as I was homeless for an extended period in the early 1970's. I just carried it around and worked on it over a two year span. Each piece was carved with an Exacto knife, smoothed with a file and sandpaper. You can imagine the amount of wishing life were different that went into this piece as I sat on the sides of highways and byways of America, barely surviving.

Sun & Cloud-thumb

Sun & Cloud

72" W x 50" H x 3" D

I had the good fortune about 1975 or so to be able to live in a Lake Co., CA 'mountain' valley. My nearest neighbor was a couple of miles away. It was as close to living in the old west as I ever came. There was no power, of course. Water was drawn from a spring. The last folks who had lived there had died thirty-five years before my arrival. A small herd of wild horses had grown up from the domesticated animals that remained after their deaths. I was snowed in for nearly three weeks on one occasion. On another, a forest fire blew out on the ridge right across the creek from my little cabin. The sun portion of this sculpture was made with a coping saw after which the shapes were glued up and then shaped and sanded. It was a long project but after growing food, gathering firewood and doing all the homestead type chores needed for survival I had to create something. Years later the cloud was carved of laminated #2 pine and had a clear finish. It was only painted recently as I refinished the works for this gallery.

Inquire Within on Stand-thumb

Inquire Within on Stand

54" High

The full story of this sculpture is available on the first page on the index. I can't think of anything to add.


Inquire Within Both Sides

29" Long x 9" High

The steel sculpture needed detail images of both sides, I thought.