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Essay on the Essays

Many years ago I picked up a book on self-help and thumbed through the forward. I was still in the why-am-I-so-screwed-up phase of growth and looked for ideas everywhere. The author suggested that his book was for those looking for material wealth and personal satisfaction. If, he rather smugly suggested, your goals included life beyond this earth, his book was not for you. That's damn good advice I thought and promptly put down the book, unread.

Even then, still in the throes of massive emotional confusion, I was willing to postulate that the continuance of life after death was real. If so, living only for physical goals was incredibly shortsighted. I was then and am now ambitious but my ambitions are applied within the context of an evolving universal existence, way beyond the simple passage called death, even to the possibility of a perfection of personality worthy of Paradise. How am I doing, you ask? Fair to middlin' would be my honest assessment. However, I'm not the judge.

For over forty years I've had a goal. At first it was too nebulous for definition beyond a desire to feel happy. As time passed I learned about the emotional nature. I learned to use the mind's capacity to translate inspiration into ideas, to cherish those moments of illumination, indeed to court them. A couple of epiphanies later and I had become experientially aware of the larger universe. The Urantia Book provided a good conceptual framework within which to define those experiences and expand the limits of my horizons. It was a revelation.

As the mind becomes reasonably satisfied, the progression of a personal spiritual evolution turns to practice. With practice, one becomes. Eventually my intense need to grapple with spiritual concepts was fulfilled. Practice and experience have added individualized moments of illumination during my decades of trial and error ... lots of errors. That's what these essays are about. They are the distillations of one person's spiritual odyssey.

If you aren't yet consciously on your own spiritual quest these essays are boring and likely of little value. If you are, they may prove useful. They aren't 'The Answers' but may provide little illuminations about which your ideas and experiences coalesce to advance the progress of your spiritual development.

The essays even, on rare occasion, may help kindle realizations of such intensity to be personal epiphanies. Yet keep clearly in mind that such events only occur after years of prior effort on your part. The trigger of such an experience is only a tiny piece of the puzzle helping to bring the whole into greater perspective. It's the grain of sand in the pearl, the mote of dust in the snowflake.

Do remember that thoughts, as spirits, continue to evolve. These essays are now words on paper (or glyphs on screen), reflections of a moment in time. That time has passed. They are already outdated. Onward!