Back Theoretics

This Way Out

For over forty years each time I see some 'new' technique for personal growth or 'how you too can be greedy, self-absorbed and feel good about yourself' I snicker with amusement. I'm remembering a marvelously cynical description of humanity, the observation of a friend whose whereabouts is now lost in the proverbial mists of time. His viewpoint was painfully perceptive.

Humans, he said, are like rats in a rather dark mine, racing along, desperately trying to find the way out ... the light at the end of tunnel. The front-runners are the faster, stronger members of the species running ahead of the pack. When one discovers a seemingly unexplored drift off the main tunnel they hurry down its length. Upon finding yet another dead-end the clever ones will race back to the main tunnel and set up a ticket stand selling tickets to their slower brethren. On the tickets are inscribed the words of an age-old promise, "This Way Out."

Spiritual development, too, has its hucksters and hacks trying to sell you the latest fad. There are also those wholly sincere people trying to sell you 'The Way'. Unfortunately there is no single path for all. Each of us is uniquely located in time and space, differentiated by our cultural roots, the concepts to which we are exposed, our individual physiologies, nutritional circumstances, etc. Yet all people have the opportunity for spiritual progression and the attainment of the persistence of our personalities after death. It is perhaps the only way we are equal, as in "All men are created equal ...".

Now that I've denied there is a single path I'm going to reverse course and suggest there is a general goal that exists independently of any of those differentiating qualities. It is potentially accessible by all human beings. Open your heart. Simple, eh? Don't believe it. The substance of the spirit, the root of all existence, is an energy form which we call Love. We can actually feel and experience Love through the heart. It is not an emotional state. This is where the model of the chakras becomes very valuable. When the heart opens you are feeling with and 'reading' your surroundings from an energy source completely different than emotion. You even feel it in the physical location of the heart.

If Love becomes your goal there is an extraordinarily simple but devilishly hard technique that helps a great deal. The residence of your consciousness must rise from the solar plexus to the heart. We are locked into emotional reaction partly by our physical natures but mostly by our by attachments and defenses ... fears and desires. We engage ourselves in a non-stop internal soliloquy to justify those limitations. Listen to your mind. If you are talking to yourself your emotions are busy and dominant. Your heart can't open.

So I ask you, can you shut off the running dialog in your head? Even doing so for a moment is valuable as those moments accumulate into 'critical space'. Inspiration is drawn in to fill that vacuum and helps to guide your way.