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Free Will

So you have free will. Great! What does that actually mean? Is it the same as freedom? Can you do just what you damn well please? Well, no, that would be license. Free will has a deeper meaning than trying to apply the idea directly to specific actions on a case-by-case basis. It has a discreet and important significance to the spiritual evolution of each individual.

As spiritual awareness starts to blossom there comes a moment of tremendous import when we have the opportunity to choose to participate in the created universe or reject it. That is the moment of free will. It comes once to all. At that instant, we have evolved enough to consciously recognize that there is a path of spiritual evolution and at the foundation of it is a living energy called Love. No, not as in I love chocolate. Drat! Another digression. It's my physical nature.

That's your choice ... to participate in your evolution out of animal into spirit or not. There is only one game in town, though. The Creation has been established with an underlying premise of the evolution toward perfection of each individual spirit. You can refuse to participate. That's your right. That's free will. So what happens? You cease to exist. It's as if you never had been.

Is this mean or vindictive? Hardly. If you absolutely deny the substance of your existence, you cease to exist. Hey, you picked it. Free will you know.

Now, how does this apply to those folks who die without ever having made that conscious choice? The constraints of basic survival and other circumstances affecting our lives on earth may preclude the opportunity to evolve sufficiently beyond an animal existence to reach the moment of choice. Poverty of opportunity is not an automatic indictment of failure.

Life continues beyond this earthly shadow. As long as there is the slightest shred of spiritual redeeming value, the personality is allowed to persist until that ultimate choice is made. The universe practices a spiritual economy which never allows any goodness to be wasted and even transforms evil into goodness in the fullness of time (that last phrase should always be spoken with rich, fruity tones).

There is no Hell. One either embraces reality and exists or rejects it and ceases to exist. That's a shocker, huh? Hell was a purely artificial concept made up by human beings who hadn't themselves actually experienced that the structure of the universe was Love. Hell's function was to use fear to draw people to organizations that were purportedly rooted in Love. You might consider it a psychic protection racket that's become imbedded in the human psyche by the historical weight of authoritative repetition.

Well hell's bells! To hell in a hand basket. What the hell does he know? Hell hath no fury like a mercy scorned. Go to hell. To hell and back. What the hell! Hello?