Back Theoretics

Continuous Creation

Matter is energy. That premise is generally accepted since Einstein formalized the idea into a theorem. Subsequent experimentation has proven the validity of the concept and discovered some of its limitations as well. It was a great leap forward in the mental evolution of human scientific thought. Prior to that breakthrough the physical realm of matter was treated as if it were solid stuff, rather static although able to be manipulated.

The next leap will be to grasp the idea that our material existence is supported by a continuous flow of energy transformed into the range of frequencies our senses can perceive. The model of the atom as the smallest particle of matter is being replaced with a new idea. It is a point at which energy emerges to create the specific set of frequencies that are the fabric of our space-time continuum.

Think of a computer monitor. The visual image is created by little building blocks called pixels. Each pixel is actually the result of streams of data supported by various frequencies of electrical energy and a complex mechanism all of which come into focus at the interface of the device and our perceptions, the screen. Our perception of the image on a computer screen is analogous to how material existence and senses interact. Atoms equal pixels.

I'll leave any remote claim to scientific objectivity now and suggest that all of this energy comes from somewhere, indeed that there is a Creator. At the center of all creation there are two generators of the structure of reality. One emits space and the other provides gravity. The dynamic tension of that duality, manifest in a near infinite set of possibilities, is the foundation of the material universe. There is a third basic energy that is the substance of all spiritualized beings. That energy comes directly from The Creator. We call it Love. The fabric of the Universe is provided to support the expansion of new potentials through creative discovery by newly emergent personalities (including you and me). I would suggest that, as far as we here on earth are concerned, Atoms are God's Pixels.

The complexity, stability and very persistence of reality are testimonials to the existence and steadfastness of The Creator. We human beings are creatures born into the evolving worlds of time and space. The pilgrimage toward spiritual perfection, which is our birthright and destiny, will take us through worlds of progressively higher frequencies of those basics, space and gravity, even beyond those, to eternity. Of course, eternal is merely the word used to express the fact that those realms are beyond physical constraints. They have existed from the beginning of creation and will persist, well, eternally because they are in close proximity to The Creator. Time is a function of increasingly complex waveform fluctuation. It is a residual effect of the downward translation of energy into the material evolutionary universes. In the long run it may well prove to be the case that eternities are finite. But of course, only time will tell. Heh!