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Unified Field Theory

This is a story of a series of progressive illuminations. It began when I was about twelve years old. Intellectual growth was supported and expected in our home so it wasn't surprising that a book of essays and thoughts of Albert Einstein came into my possession. His intellect was regarded as the brightest of that era. There was one chapter about his work on the relationship of matter and energy which resulted in the famous equation E=MC2. He described his thought processes conceptually, not mathematically, and pointed out the place upon which his progress foundered in striving toward a unified field theory.

I was stunned to discover that I could follow his reasoning! He even said that children could follow his steps where adults frequently found themselves baffled. I rushed to tell my parents of this moment of enlightenment only to have them tell me that it was impossible for me to understand. It was 'an imponderable'. Lashed by the annoyance of that unexpected dismissal, I began a life-long effort to comprehend the structure of the universe for I had understood Mr. Einstein.

After years of pondering the sticking point of Einstein's work, a moment of inspiration allowed me to see a simple solution. E=MC2 referred to the relationship of matter to energy at a single instant in time but reality is a dynamic structure, not static. A field theory must allow for relationships in motion. Aha! The equation E=FT blossomed in my mind in subsequent moment of illumination. The Total Energy of any interaction is equal to the Field, expressed as all the points of Interaction, multiplied by Time, expressed as relative motion.

I need to add here that I don't think in mathematical notations. Instead I use complex visualizations; internal images put into motion. Mathematics, symbolic abstraction, is a mighty useful tool but for me it crippled visualization. Imagine the balls on a pool table. You can see the vectors and spin imparted as they bounce off one another. Now imagine the classical concept of atoms, balls of energy, and you realize that everything is inter-related if you could only grasp the complexity of the relationships. Of course that's impossible. Other thinkers with the ability to use mathematics had similar realizations and called it Chaos Theory.

My next breakthrough came mostly from an intense study of Wilhelm Reich's observations and ideas. You can see Orgone energy's pattern of spiral motion as it emerges into this plane of reality. From that observation a leap to the concept that our material universe is in a constant state of creation occurred in another light bulb moment and resulted in the graphic essay, Atoms Are God's Pixels.

Finally, The Urantia Book provided the revelation that material reality is a dynamic tension between space and gravity. Bingo! In our digital age the possibility that two 'elements', on and off, might be basic programming is not preposterous at all. The folks who are working hard at advancing our conception of the Universe now describe it as a hologram. That's very accurate!