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The Purpose of Life

To discover a direction for our lives we need at least a vague conceptual map of the Universe in which we live. It's an onion with a core of spirit and progressively denser layers as you work outward from the center. The proportions of matter and spirit are inversely related to the proximity to God and exist in three discrete quantum divisions at present. There may well be more in future epochs.

The central and most perfect location in all of Creation is called Paradise. It is the destiny of those evolutionary personalities who have achieved such perfection that they live in spirit without the need for an encapsulating form. We will finally be able to directly experience the Creator's presence and personality. It is also where the generators of space and gravity are located. Those are the two elements that interact thereby giving substance to all material reality.

In the next quantum layer outward is a vast collection of populated worlds in orbit around Paradise. They've existed since the beginning and are only 'relatively' perfect. I can barely comprehend the fact of living in a place without time and yet in which we will still continue evolving as we pass through. Until personal experience provides knowledge I can only struggle to visualize something so far beyond my horizons. Proceeding outward we arrive at the material levels of time and space in which the evolutionary worlds such as Earth are located.

This is an immense arena for the emergence of new personalities into reality. We are born into time at the outer onionskin layer of greatest material density and comparative spiritual paucity. It is such a vast area that it is divided into neighborhoods called Local Universes. A Creator Son organizes each of these with a partner descriptively called the Infinite Spirit. Both are the Supreme Beings in the design of distributed divinity whose purpose is to reach out to and nurture material creatures as we begin our spiritual odysseys. They are the greatest link in the spirit chain that we may come to know at present. A spirit chain is similar to a food chain only opposite. In a food chain the larger eats the smaller. In a spirit chain the larger nourishes the smaller so it may grow and flourish.

We humans are born into the worlds of time and space and have a dual nature of material animal with a divine potential. Physical survival is the animal purpose. Developing the spirit is the divine. Our personalities can survive death and begin an age long pilgrimage through onion layer worlds of progressive spiritual attainment. In time we will graduate from the evolving universes to the central and can hope to eventually achieve eternal reality in Paradise.

The fact of our journey, the actuality of that process of perfection, is presented to the Creator by the reality of our transcendental personalities. This is the only return gift we have to offer in appreciation of our existence. It is the purpose of our lives. In this evolving Universe we are the living feedback of spiritual potentials realized by our actions and exemplified in our beings.