Back Theoretics

Pondering Christ

In the very first instant of creation a group of beings appeared who share divinity with The Creator. They are known as Creator Sons, the order of Michael. Each organizes his unique universe of time and space; the evolving worlds into which bits of personalities could emerge and begin progress back toward the center of the creation. The form of the Creator Sons is spirit. Should you be able to perceive one, you would see a field of golden light that extends throughout the universe in which you live and yet be a person. You would be in the presence of a personality of absolute reality whose Being is the very fabric of existence.

We are a type of creature having animal roots and a spiritual potential. Our prospect is to survive this existence and go on through worlds of increasingly greater spiritual reality but decreasing material density. The evolutionary process does come to a completion. The spirit is so purified, so realized we make a quantum leap to the central universes beyond the constraints of time and space. That process is called salvation, and it is literally true that you have to go through the Creator Son to achieve it. You don't have to believe this in order to be given the right to continue your spiritual evolution after this earth. You don't have to believe the earth is round. Reality doesn't care what you or I believe.

One of the processes of creation in which the Creator Sons participate is to experience an incarnation in each of the varieties of creatures that populate their universes. For a brief time they can't be found anywhere until they are discovered living as one of the types of beings who inhabit their own creations. The final incarnation of our Creator Son happened on our own little mud ball, Earth, and the political and religious authorities killed him. Arrgh! The cross should be a symbol of embarrassment.

The life of Jesus was a unique event in this entire Universe. As you and I have a dual nature, Jesus had a ternary nature. He was animal with the spiritual capacity for growth and salvation, and also a divine eternal nature. As he grew, the divine personality of the Creator Son progressively regained self-awareness once more. This is the mystery at the root of one of the greatest stories of all time. Imagine a human slowly realizing his divine origin! I suspect that some of the miracles the stories recount were mistakes. Here was a man full of sympathy for his fellows, who is confronted by physical pain and suffering. Within him was the capacity to modify physical reality. His emerging nature knew that spiritual awakening is not fostered by miracles but his human sympathy was so strong that it was momentarily dominant, creative energies streamed forth and miracles occurred.

Our Creator Son gave us a great gift as he left. In evolving worlds a degree of common spiritual maturity must have been attained for every emerging personality to be given the option to survive beyond death. The Earth had been so retarded by the Lucifer rebellion that we had not achieved that status. Survival was not guaranteed. Christ's parting gift to this earth was to confer the right of continued survival for everyone from that time forward. Imagine that.