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Lucifer's Legacy

Lucifer, Satan and Beelzebub are names that carry great emotional impact and yet have lost historical meaning. Here's how I understand what happened. It requires a brief description of the Universe for context. These ideas are my simple interpretation of revelations found in The Urantia Book. I believe them.

At the center of all is the Creator whose presence can be experienced in an actual location. It is called Paradise. Surrounding that kernel is a Central Universe where time does not exist. At the initial moment of the creation there were a group of beings called the Order of Michael, Sons created to be co-equal with the Creator. Their task was to organize the creation of the evolving universes of time and space in the material realms. We are living in one of these.

Within each created evolutionary organization, the Creator Son is supreme and eternal. All the rest of the creatures are variously affected by the chronological quality of these structures. We call it time. Shall I speculate on the notion of our only perceiving clipped waveforms and that is what provides the illusion of sequential events? No? Oh all right. (Blink, blink ... on/off. Gotcha, heh heh.)

Around us exists a hierarchy of many varieties of beings working towards a goal of refining new spiritual potentials through experience. Within the densest material shell of this physical formation, new bits of personality are constantly emerging into reality via birth. That's you and me. Our worlds and the beings therein are guided through progressive evolutionary stages until we become creatures capable of sustaining a spark of spirit. Those who attain some modicum of spiritual redeeming value are provided the opportunity to ascend progressively toward achieving the perfection of divinity.

Now about two hundred thousand years ago Lucifer, one of the beings of considerable importance in the administration of a sector of our Local Universe, fell in love with his own brilliance. He put forward a scheme claimed to speed up evolution. The fundamental premise of his argument was that there is no God. The substance of the cosmos was eternal and existed without cause or origin. That meant the Creator Sons were lying to gain credit for themselves. Truly clever beings should recognize the con and grab the glory for themselves.

Lucifer's deception filtered downward and found adherents, Satan and Beelzebub, to name two. The effects have been disastrous and are not resolved yet ... but soon. Lucifer's legacy lives. Self-glorification through domination is the practice of that lie. On Earth it is manifested in a love of money and power that lead to wars, environmental destruction and social degradation. It is rooted in societies built for those extremes who seek only personal gratification. The sophistry is buried in philosophies that glorify competition, growth and progress. Many of the practitioners invoke the name of God to manipulate others but their motivations are selfish not service to their fellows. That's a lousy legacy Lucifer.