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I'm Not a Christian

Hoo boy! That got your attention. Actually, I don't know what you mean when you say, "I'm a Christian." The first steps of spiritual inquiry are confusing because there really aren't any absolute rules or guidelines. Even those you discover through your own experience will evolve and be refined as the application of those principles clarifies them.

Participating in a group may provide the emotional comfort of a predictable social setting or a sense of security in the illusion of absolute answers and authority. The difficulty with groups is that the spiritual evolution of every being is unique and the group may retard the process. Groupthink may support a personal laziness defended with smugness by purporting to have 'the answers'. I'm not a member of any group nor do I wish to create one.

Take beliefs, for example. Most groups require an ideological litmus test for participation based on a set of collective concepts. Unfortunately ideas need to evolve for the individual to grow and the stability of groups is based on continuity rather than change. Therefore those thoughts are held with an emotional fervor, an intensity that reflects the individual's need for the support of the group. Anyone questioning or proposing a different perspective is perceived to threaten the stability of the group and may be met with defenses or even aggression as the emotions of the collective are determinedly attached to their beliefs.

"Christ died for our sins." That is a commonly announced article of faith required for being a Christian. Such an idea, it seems to me, is an interpretation of events through the ideological filter of the Old Testament's vision of a God to be feared who required sacrifices. I suspect it is closer to the truth that Christ's 'job' here on earth had come to an end and it was time to depart. Jesus let himself be killed knowing that human beings, who only vaguely grasped his message of Love, would forget it completely without the drama. He knew that the intense passion play of the crucifixion would reside in the human emotional memory and have greater persistence than the revelation of the spiritual message, Love, that so few are able to grasp. He was also allowing the ultimate expression of free will.

Shouldn't our memory of Christ's life be focused on the message that God is Love rather than death and sacrifice? Creator Sons, those who create the evolving universes, participate in a process which requires them to live an incarnation in each of the types of creatures in their own creation. By the experience they fully gain empathy with the beings who live in their domains. It is my belief that during those incarnations they also establish a living path toward the most direct possible spiritual evolution for their creatures to follow. It is not a pattern based on the acts of their lives but rather in the spiritual unfolding they experience; the trail is blazed in spirit. The Son of God really was here.

I try to follow His trail but I still don't know what being a Christian means.