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The Second Coming

The Second Coming will be next Thursday at 2:38 PM. To reserve your place send all your money to ... . Ok, so I'm just kidding but I am trying to make a point. There will be people who profess to be privy to the timeframe of cosmic events. Some are sincere and some are charlatans. You are better off being skeptical than gullible. With a shield of skepticism you may be wrong once but, if gullible, you will be whipsawed by emotional upheavals as you discover your faith is misplaced again and again.

With that disclaimer out of the way I'll admit that I believe there will be a spiritual event of such a magnitude that it will affect everyone on this planet at the same time. It will be a return of Christ Michael. Every person will be briefly lifted into spirit and then returned once more into our physical bodies so that we may experience His absolute reality and more fully appreciate our own natures.

The result of such a gift is incalculable. Experiencing the reality of the spiritual will abruptly change your world. You won't suddenly become perfect but you will recognize that, in truth, your spiritual existence is the greater reality whereas your material existence is the current stage on which you are creating the spiritual substance of your future. After that state of bliss engendered by an encounter with divinity wears off the hard work begins. Striving to be worthy of the perfection that you've been privileged to glimpse will become your goal.

My belief in the Second Coming is based on an experience I was given long ago that I've described in The Portrait of Christ. That encounter was wondrous but it forced me to make an unambiguous choice for spiritual growth. The time for dithering and equivocations was over. Fortunately, after your elevation and return, everyone around you will have just had a similar experience and most will choose Love, Goodness, God. We've even been given an introductory guide to the universe to help us get our bearings. It's called The Urantia Book.

There's a concept of The Second Coming that allows some people to feel superior to others on the basis of their beliefs. The reality is that every being who is a participant in this event will benefit to the degree they are able to embrace the experience. It might be Christ creates a new world as a statement, not just for us but also as a demonstration for all the beings in His Universe. It might occur at the same time as the final adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion. There may be a separation of people. If there is a winnowing of people it won't be based on mind but heart, not beliefs but capacity for Love.

There is another possibility altogether. How about if, before Christ's actual return, we human beings start practicing Love instead of waiting on celestial prompting? It seems rather unlikely, I know, but imagine how much more fully we could embrace the experience of His return if our hearts were already tuned to the frequency of Love, that spirit substance on which the Universe is actually built.