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Love Is Not Like

Love is not like. This is a very difficult reality I've faced in striving for an open heart. Like is from the emotional center. It is comforting to be part of a group that shares reassuring emotional bonds fostered by rituals that provide a sense of identity through continuity. The social cement of those attachments is frequently evolved unconsciously. Their roots can be discovered in ancient patterns of behavior habitually repeated for the comfort of tradition even after the original meaning is lost in the fog of time. There does come a point of spiritual evolution when old patterns are retarding progression. Breaking those bonds is painful.

Love from the heart is a completely different consciousness than the present normal level of earthly consciousness. In those fleeting moments when spiritual work and circumstance has allowed me to experience the open heart I've had a glimpse of Love as a creative power. It allows me to recognize the value of other personalities without judgment for I'll recognize the congruency of our paths and appreciate the difficulties we've each had in common. I've been allowed to hold an image in mind and pour energy into it in acts of creation. On a few rare occasions I've been allowed to be an additional connection to the source of creation through whom others can access the Love they need to grow. The results may seem to be healing. They may seem to be teaching. The episodes themselves may be awkward, painful or joyous. I never know in advance.

A peculiarity about the incidents of Love I've experienced is that I tend to recognize they have occurred after the fact, almost never during the events. Even then the actions of Love are so different from our normal material existence that they are sometimes hard to believe. Practice does make perfect. It's just that the practice of Love is the work of eternity and our earth is just a preschool.

Part of the problem is that Love flows through and between beings. Here on earth it requires a human circuit. It isn't a static energy or a selfish energy which we accumulate for ourselves. Working toward that day when our hearts are open doesn't mean we can use Love but rather that we are used by it to transform our present reality to one reflective of higher spiritual values. That's the meaning of "For where two or more are gathered together in My Name, I am there in the midst of them." 'My Name' refers to the energy Love, the spiritual substance of the Universe, not a personal linguistic reference. When my heart opens and Love flows through me I am transformed. The words and symbols describing or naming that energy are not the reality. That can only be experienced.

Although I'm still a beginner at participating in Love I can sense that many people consciously participating in a 'spiritual economy' would transform the world. Even our physical planet would become progressively stabilized to match the increased spiritual gravity created by an amplified flow of Love. To give really is better than to receive. In opening our hearts to others we are transformed even more as Love flows through us than when we are just recipients.