Back Theoretics

Concept Kernels #2

I'm not a fan of assuming obsequious postures as an expression of humility. My preferred state of humility is to live with a bubble of joy and gratitude that comes with a realistic appreciation of the modest position I have in the Universe while appreciating the nearly infinite potential for growth. To put things in perspective, God creates and upholds a universe. I created a painting and need a wall to uphold it. Let's see; God ... universe, me ... painting. Oh.

Humor is an essential element of religious life. By religious life I mean the individual experience of expanding spiritual values by allowing your inner guide to influence external actions. Humor jiggles the solar plexus, that physical center of our emotions. It loosens the bondage of our fears and material attachments providing needed relief and inner space for continued enlightenment. You may as well amuse God with a memory of your foibles after you've grown beyond them.

That brings me to anti-gravity. I don't like the term anti-gravity. It implies you are going contrary to one of the basics of physical creation. In the future when gravity is understood well enough that we can use attenuation of that force to move to a new physical location the devices would best be understood as levity devices. Levity, the attenuation of gravity, holds true in spirit, mind and matter.

Some digital thoughts ... Atoms are God's pixels. Death is a preparatory shutdown prior to a hardware and system upgrade during which your personal data is migrated into the new form and the old temp files are trashed. An on/off sequence is a base quality of the material, evolutionary Universes. Our senses perceive only the peaks of the waveforms creating physical forms. It is that waveform clipping which creates time. When we are able to perceive the standing wave time will cease to exist. Natural disasters are system crashes.

Investments. Most everyone talks about investments only in material terms. It all depends on the breadth of our vision. Spiritual growth is the best investment for long term planning. The soul is a packing crate for the fruits of the spirit. It is the only baggage you take with you upon departing this earth. The persistent components of your existence are a fragment of God that lives in your heart, your personality and the living record of your spiritual attainments, your Soul. In time you will, by choice, merge with that fragment of God and attain survival status.

"Hi, I'm Welles and I'm pathetic." Thus begins a three-step program of unfolding spiritual growth. The first step is to realize and consciously admit that you need help with your life. It may be just a nagging itch or a full-blown recognition of pathetic need as was true in my case. The second step is simply to ask inside for guidance. Skepticism is a perfectly legitimate attitude as long as the request for help is from the heart. The third stage is to follow the guidance you receive. The internal voice always seems vague at first and the lessons may be painful but with practice a burgeoning sense of becoming more real yields security.