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In Conclusion

Our Universe is a creation. A key aspect of that design is distributed Divinity. That means the Creator is whole, both as the antecedent of the Universe and yet dispersed into various forms and personalities within it. The distribution of divinity allows spiritual potentials to become realized values through experience.

We humans are creatures born into reality at a point in time and space, the current outer limit of the inhabited universes. We are each composed of a unique personality and have a little spark of divinity residing in our hearts to be our individual guides. That guide also keeps a record of our spiritual achievements or 'spiritual fruits' as they are called on occasion. Progress occurs each time our actions manifest qualities that are reflective of divinity. That collection is our Soul. It remains in the care of our Divine fragment until our personality is resurrected in the next world and reunited with our souls and guides in a new body.

Our next world will be similar enough to this that it will be a comfortable transition. We'll recognize those personalities from our past. Spiritual attainment will go on from where we left off but we'll have one huge advantage. We will remember that we once existed, knew the sleep of death and live once more. Experiencing the continuation of our existence is the ultimate faith builder. The final survival of each personality is realized when we so identify with that little spark of divinity within us that we merge with it and earn the opportunity to continue on to eternity.

Now I know that all sounds rather theoretical and really doesn't provide much practical direction. Spiritual growth is simpler than you think. It lies in values. When we are primarily identifying with our physical existences we can do spiritual work in the qualities we bring to our everyday tasks. Striving for beauty or harmony in our works and actions, discovering truth in the intellectual and trying for goodness in our social efforts produces spiritual fruits. These are reflective of the Creator's qualities and by striving for those goals we become more identified with that Divinity residing inside us. We become more real.

The social arena is perhaps the most important venue for spiritual growth because the very root energy of creation is Love. It is only realized dynamically as it flows among beings. Before we personally experience that deeper universal reality we can still strive for it by practicing goodness. So spiritual qualities of survival significance are created by individual efforts to create beauty, truth and goodness in our actions and relationships with others.

Our planet is a very difficult one on which to strive for enlightenment. However living here at this time is also a blessing as that very struggle builds an extra strength of spirit that could never be gained otherwise. We can grow from our animal nature into a degree of divine realization far beyond that which we might on a normally evolving world. There is no great secret. Just do the best you can.