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The Creator's Path

There was a time in my youth when original ideas were coming so rapidly that I became entranced with the concepts themselves. The process of new potentials bubbling to the surface of the mind provides a sparkle for the intelligence and a beguiling emotional uplift but as the bubbles burst all that's left behind is an airy nothing. The effervescence of that chimerical cauldron ended up dissipating to simply leave an empty feeling.

A 10-watt inspiration suggested a different course of action. Pick one project that seemed most interesting from among that seemingly endless percolation of possibilities. Of course it had to be within my current capacities to actually bring it into existence. Follow it through to completion. The decision to try that path meant giving up a seductively dizzying illusion of infinite potentialities in favor of creating one reality. I could always go back to dreaming if reality proved less than satisfying.

The results of experimenting with that method of operating proved to be a permanent strategy. I found that new illuminations and discoveries were revealed during the process of each consummated project. They were exciting. They were real. It seemed as though they demanded to be used in the next endeavor and thereby helped define it directly. So within each project I would discover an exciting vision for the next creation. It became clear that there was a creator's path by working with those new potentials that kept appearing. Even more intriguing was an evolving awareness that I was becoming more real by pursuing such a course of action.

I discovered that there was a cosmic element to the path I was following. Those realizations revealed during the process of creation weren't simply self-centered initiatives from some subconscious. To be sure they sometimes seemed like that if there was no obvious light bulb moment. However, when I redefined those all those illuminations, both great and small, as directions from a super-conscious it provided an augmented insight. Suddenly the actual physical manifestation became secondary to the qualities manifest during the action of creation, the spirit of the effort. The work required was still vital to the process for without it there was no way for that spirit to be actualized from potential to becoming a reality.

For a long time I had been following two separate tracks. On one hand I would inquire within for spiritual guidance. On the other I would try and create beauty, truth and humor. The two somehow seemed separated as if the one was a manifestation of self-less ness while the other was self-full ness. To recognize that the illuminations and discoveries of my creator's path were the practical elements of a larger spiritual existence suddenly brought a single focus to life. It wasn't a case of either/or. Both efforts were elements of a single process. The seeming separation was simply a matter of my limited perception.

It turned out that I thought I was following my own creator's path but unwittingly, although willingly, had been following The Creator's Path.