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Prayer, Worship and Creation

I've experimented quite a bit with prayer, worship and creation over the years and view them all as access techniques to the Divine. Frankly, I avoid prayer whenever it seems to be optional as opposed to those moments when an overwhelming need impels an internal cry for help. That's because the only prayer I've ever had work is a request to grow in the spirit. It always works but it's a pain because inevitably the returning energy goes to the weakest aspect of my nature. Spiritual growth is always a labor that begins with the discomfort of exposing weakness and failure. There's a line from an old waggish country tune that admirably characterizes this phase of growth, "Dropkick me Jesus through the goal posts of life." I get booted regularly.

Worship is another thing altogether. For many people it involves rituals at specified times and places. They find refreshment in community and comfort in ceremony. Those are both valuable effects for nurturing society. However there is another more personal type of worship. On occasion the heart opens and Love is reflected back at the Creator generating a feedback loop during solitary episodes of reverence. The uplift from those moments is blissful and lets you know that you are indeed connected to God. In my case those infrequent moments have never occurred in social settings but rather during individual communion in natural settings.

There is a third kind of collaboration with God that is seldom linked to prayer and worship: that is creation. When people start their spiritual journeys the first events recognized usually are moments of 'realization'. They are often considered to be only internal or psychological events without perceiving the subtle spiritual provocation. That becomes more obvious during actual moments of inspiration when you feel the energy coming into your being through the top of your head. Those experiences foster the recognition that the energy is coming to you from another source that nurtures enlightenment. Finally there are those cause and effect religious experiences when one reaches inward toward deity and undergoes profound personal change as a result.

Creation is like that. Early creations are almost completely material. They might be art, music, science, business or any undertaking. Those seem to be strictly individual efforts. With the discovery of inspiration, creation becomes more of a revelation of values as you try to manifest an expression of those gifts of enlightened moments in physical reality. At the higher end of the spectrum of creativity, that which relates closely to the religious experience, is the phenomena of 'doing God's will'. This one is pretty tricky because we are all flawed and can easily deceive ourselves. However it is possible to so attune to Divinity that you can create something to bolster the spiritual elevation of the people around you. In that case the mind holds the plan and the heart opens allowing Love to flow into the structure of the mental pattern, which then starts becoming realized. It fails if your conception isn't purehearted enough to hold Love.

So prayer asks for Love from God. Worship communes with God by reflecting that Love back to the source. Creation flows Love into a pattern of our fashioning that we may strive to exemplify qualities of the Divine. The three are a trinity of human spiritual activities. In relating to God they are Access, Reflection and Participation.