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The Science of Love

Love is God is Spirit. That sounds like a classic cliché, doesn't it? There are sufficient implications to provoke an emotional reaction but not really enough substance for any intellectual grasp so it doesn't actually provide a useable meaning. To provide utility, a concept must be understood by the mind, accepted by feelings and, finally, be put to the test. Experience is required for complete realization. So what is Love anyway?

It is a field of energy, a living part of The Creator in which all spiritualized personalities exist. Those who were created perfect have their actual forms made of it. We, who are evolving from less exalted origins, are building our futures from the truths made real during our spiritual adventures. Love itself is infinite and timeless, which means it is eternal. It exists throughout the Created Universe. It is the only unified field.

Staggering numbers of material worlds exist in a series of quantum shells around the Creator's absolute position. They are formed by the duality of space and gravity. Those elements exhibit tantalizing hints of the true unified field phenomena found in Love, so a study of them in that light will prove valuable. Ultimately, though, there is only the one singularity. For the sake of emphasis I'll repeat: timeless infinity equals eternity.

Sequential cause and effect have no place in this energy field. What happens in one locus happens throughout simultaneously. The existence of material realms may be thought of as buffering zones to allow real perfection to exist and still nurture new possibilities through the experience of trial and error. The resolution of spiritual error actually expands the potentials of perfection. God really has it figured out. Duh.

One of the great wonders about all this is that we can begin learning to use Love right here on Earth, our little planet in the outback of the densest quantum layer of Creation. Experience is the only way to know of its existence. We can examine the subject with a scientific approach. The only means of research in this field is our own involvement. That rather puts us on the spot, eh? There will never be a purely objective answer. When a study mandates that the test subject is also the researcher, only subjective answers can be discovered. That doesn't diminish the validity of the results. After all, in a singularity everything is unique and ubiquitous simultaneously.

If you undertake a research project in the field of Love, a good place to start is learning to quiet your internal conscious mind. Inner quiet is the key because your research is dependent on reflections from a steady state. You may achieve that by doing creative work. Love can flow through you when you become totally absorbed in a task. It's like priming the pump of your spiritual connection. You might discover that an open heart allows for the appreciation of those personalities around you through a lens of Love. The internal critic vanishes. Then again you could listen to the fragment of God that lives in your heart and guides you toward enlightenment. Reflecting love back toward the source yields joy. You can even add to the spirit-field of others by reaching out to them in Love. Their connection to it will be strengthened because of your gift.

So, what are you doing with Love?