Back Theoretics

Phrenetic Hypothesis

I am plagued by a thought. It is somewhat like a really awful pop song that has some catchy melodic hook but horribly banal lyrics. It ensnares your mental ear and just won’t let go, periodically recycling insipid drivel over and over.

This notion has been returning to my mind for a couple of years now as it periodically bubbles to the cerebral surface. I don’t really believe in it but can’t entirely set it aside because it is a conceit on a grand scale. The word ‘conceit’ harbors the normally associated meanings of pride, vanity and egotism but also can be used to simply mean thought, idea, notion, fantasy or whimsy. I prefer to think my idea exists more toward the fantasy end of the conceit-meaning-spectrum but can’t be positive.

Part of the problem is that I don’t believe I’ve heard any reference to this notion from anyone else. It doesn’t seem to me that any of us create totally original thoughts. Advanced ideas seem to be rearrangements of existing concepts into new formulations after the yeast of enlightenment leavens prior mental preparation. The mind, then, is the interpreter of the spirit into patterns the body can embrace.

Are you sitting there thinking, “Enough of the introductory remarks already!”? Ha-ha, not so fast, friend; there is still a Universal context to be prepared. I take it as fact that I’m living in a Creation and the source of this is a Creator. My conviction is rooted in experience but my conceptual framework of the universal structure that allowed those incidents is constantly being expanded and refined so I can’t be absolutely certain.

My best understanding presently is that we humans are creatures of animal origin born into the outer fringes of an expanding Universe. All the material creation that we can perceive with out animal senses is merely the outer crust of this amazing phenomenon. We exist in the densest material layer but have a potential through spiritual development to progressively ascend through world-layers of progressively greater densities of spiritual substance and lesser material.

To a great degree our interaction with the Universe is as if it is a giant training school system designed to perfect individual personalities who eventually can attain eternal existence. That occurs as we merge with a tiny fragment of the actual Creator that even now lives within our hearts. It conserves the spiritual progress we have made and helps guide our steps as we listen. The listening part really takes work, as the first steps in particular are rather more ephemeral than substantial. Practice makes perfect.

So what happens when you reach perfection? Well, reports have it that there are already energies coalescing into new layers beyond the currently boundaries of the inhabited Universe and perfected beings of experiential origin may help to organize and then guide the future inhabitants of those realms. That’s wonderful enough but I can’t get it out of my head that while there is only one Creator of this Infinite Eternity there may be other Eternity Makers and some of us might become emissaries to those. That’s the idea that won’t go away.

Phrenetic Hypothesis Rebuttal

You know I was never quite convinced of my musing in Phrenetic Hypothesis. There was something that felt off about it but I couldn’t help the fact that the thoughts I placed on paper were reoccurring often enough that I felt impelled to write them down.

I’ve been rereading the Urantia Book again (for the seventh time over 40+ years) and I ran into an idea that may have been the original concept that I then blew out of proportion in the PH essay. If you’ve never read the UB this probably won’t make sense. In a nutshell there is an order of created being called Creator Sons who’s ‘job’ in Creation is to organize a sector of Space and Time for the evolution of personalities so that spiritual potentials may be realized by their experiences.

Anyway there are a number of these beings. Each of them is the Creator of a Local Universe that contains about 10,000,000 inhabited planets. These areas of space/time are unique and persons who find their origins in one generally only begin to mingle with beings from other’s when they ascend to a Central Universe. However it seems that occasionally there are few ambassadors who have the experience of visiting other Local Universes while still inhabitants before leaving ‘home’ so to speak.

That idea seems likely to me. My original speculation of multiple ‘eternity makers’ now seems specious. Oh well we can change our minds!