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Redefining Emotions

To begin with I'd like to create a foundation of common agreement on which to build this 'new' definition. Emotions are feelings. There is a physical location from which we feel. It is the solar plexus or 'the guts,' in technical terms. Additionally, let's allow that our emotional natures do evolve as we grow and mature. Is that acceptable? Good. Here's the departure.

Imagine, if you will, the seat of our emotions is actually an energetic center of consciousness. From that core we reach out with wisps of energy to touch the material aspects of our universe. Dynamic use of the capacity includes both that reaching out and then withdrawing those feelers to 'read' information about the physical qualities and attributes of the object of emotional attention.

We begin life with our emotional centers wide open. In the effort to explore our surroundings we become attached comforting aspects of our new existences. To protect ourselves when we are hurt or afraid, we shut down part of that capacity. Rooting ourselves with attachments and armoring ourselves with defenses become the primary uses of our ability to feel. Those actions provide a sense of security but also tend to result in a sense of isolation and self-absorption.

When the emotional energy center is stagnant with desires and fears there is no room for the dynamic use that provides a continuously updated feel of the world around us. We might then try to reach outward toward someone or something only to have the energy blocked by our own limitations. Depending on the intensity of that rebuffed desire, our reaction falls somewhere on a sliding scale of frustration to anger. What we often perceive as 'emotions' are actually only reflections of the intensity of our attachments and defenses resulting in an inability to actually use our emotional centers!

One aside of significant note is that the dominance of physical feeling is also the origin of the continuous babble occurring in most people's minds, keeping them so busy there is no space for new thoughts. That mental activity, emotionally driven self-justification and self-definition, also blocks inspiration.

One technique to relieve emotional blockage is to practice some form of artistic creation. The capacity to feel the elements you are manipulating is fundamental to any creative endeavor. Experiencing color balances, audible harmonies or the aesthetics of shape and texture requires a functioning emotional center. Success occurs in even the earliest stages of creative growth. It can be recognized by the sublime sense of satisfaction that stimulates continued effort.

Another great release is humor. As there is a direct physical location of the energy center for emotions there is no substitute for a good jiggling belly laugh to relax the emotional ties that bind. To use a slightly outdated but still viable bit of the vernacular, "Loosen up, turkey."