Back Theoretics


Pondering thought may apparently seem a bit ponderous but there’s a pointed purpose in the practice. Thinking about thinking is generally the province of philosophers but when it yields practical results it becomes the plunder of theoreticians who roam the cosmos to discover treasures of enlightenment.

What is thought? Mostly it is the running conversation you hold with yourself. It justifies your existence and provides a rationalization of your actions. Consider the idea that your thoughts define your personality perhaps even more than your physical form. This is the material mind. It relates to your present physical existence. The description of materialists is that a computer-like series of lobes, ganglia and neurons all firing in coordinated sequences provide our senses. The interaction between those and the material environment eventuates thought. It’s all done in house, so to speak.

It is a good model but falls short when insight, realization or inspiration is added to expand the boundaries of our subjective horizons. The strictly physical interpretation of thought suddenly becomes a bit like the model of the pre-Copernican universe. That the Universe revolves about me is a conceptual foundation of rigid materialism.

What might be a Copernican-like leap in consciousness of thought? We could presume our corporeal forms to be temporary housing for the emergence of unique personalities into this Universe. We might also postulate that the material universe of our perception is but a single layer of a much greater structure, which is imperceptible to our physical senses, the apparent limits of our perceptions. Our normal thoughts are the reactions to temporal existence but with practice we can access a Universal Mind and become recipients of insight, realizations and inspirations.

In my model of the Universe there exists a basic unified field of energy called Love that eternally emanates from the Creator. It is the field in which Spirit has form and is the carrier wave upon which Mind exists as a harmonic inextricably intertwined harmonic frequency. That means that many qualities of Mind are similar to Love. Both exist beyond time and space and communicate throughout the Universe by instantaneous reflection. When we interact with Mind on this cosmic level we aren’t the initiators but receptors of thoughts that will elevate us ever so slightly toward perfection.

In this regard our material brains aren’t the originators of our thoughts but more like antennas that can receive thoughts of enhanced spiritual perception. We can develop the skill of communicating with the larger Universe through that field of Love, resonant with the unique interpretations of Mind. One of the common skills to develop in pursuit of that goal is to quiet the inner dialog. Once that chatter is stilled you begin to tune the brain-antenna to be receptive to a more profound level of thought.

This skill is inextricably linked with opening the heart. Love is the substance of your communion with God. Those little bits of illumination that you can receive right now via the Mind become tiny building blocks of the spiritual form you will inhabit at the end of your long odyssey toward perfection and Eternal Life. Imagine that!