Back Theoretics

The Universal Symphony

White light is what the human eye sees when all the colors that make up the visible light spectrum are combined. A one-note harmony is what I imagine God perceives when all the spiritual harmonies of his creatures are associated in union.

I wonder how very different relative degrees of Divinity might perceive this on a smaller scale. From the top down the harmony is already known, for the tuning fork of God is always a present reference. From our Creator Son’s perspective of organizing a single Local Universe, it might be seen as a gigantic symphonic orchestra that is being brought into attunement. Michael is aware of every being in his Universe. Each has to be offered the opportunity to play no matter how poor his abilities might seem. Some will be slow learners or have inferior instruments. Those apparent drawbacks will need to be compensated in time so all can fully participate.

Then there is the sticky point of free will. Some may choose not to play at all. Sigh. There’s nowhere else that this free will issue is more of a pain than right here on Terra or Earth or Urantia… whatever. This law provides for creative expansion of spiritual possibilities, even with the threat of exposure to error. It is a very carefully guarded right of all newly emergent personalities who find themselves in the outermost material fringes of the present creation.

Here on the bottom rung of the ladder of spiritual harmonies it seems as though we exist in a complete cacophony. Most often it appears that each of us is going on our own merry way with little regard for our fellow orchestra members. That is an illusion of earthly existence. In fact we are newly arrived in the orchestra pit and just beginning to learn our instruments. First we have to learn to tune them before we can even start playing. That’s the discord we seem to have all around us. Tuning up an orchestra can be positively painful.

But wait! Isn’t that an impromptu bit of the central theme being played? By God it is! On our level the symphony isn’t completely scored but more like jazz. Improvisations are the order of the day as different members of the Earthly orchestra get their instruments tuned just enough to join in and then almost immediately get kicked upstairs to play more progressively complex tunes.

An internal inquiry is the starting point to discovering God’s harmony in our lives. The tuning fork lies within the heart. We are the instruments.