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Subjective Science

Since the 17th century the scientific method has been a valuable cornerstone of exploration into our world, solar system and universe. The components were systematic observation, hypothesis and experimentation. For results to be accepted specific measurements were required as well as repeatability so that other researchers could test the assertion. It is the foundation on which objective science rests and is applied to material realities with consistent success.

As our understanding of the cosmos has increased this practical system has been shown to have limitations answering certain basic questions. What is matter? For that matter what is light, magnetism, electricity or gravity? To explore such questions newer ways of looking at our universe are being developed that tend to depart from objective standards and enter the realm of subjective science.

My favorite example of this frontier is in the relational interpretation of quantum mechanics. It postulates that different observers may give different accounts of the same event or series of events. A state of observation is dependent upon the relationship between the system and the observer. This is a perfect diving board for an intellectual plunge into an inquiry about the existence of God. The results will always be subjective. Each individual will have a different experience supporting his or her unique viewpoint. One person’s proof may seem to be a quantum conundrum to another observer, particularly if they have not yet begun their own research.

You might begin an inquiry by simply learning to achieve an inner stillness. Initially no thought of God need be added into the equation of your effort. You will find that feelings or ideas suddenly come to you. This is a source of creative power. It is always refreshing, surprising and valuable. Next, add a desire for beauty, truth or goodness into your attitude and ask questions as you enter that quiet steady state. The resulting response from within will become more obvious. Now add the Creator into your internal dialog. A whole new world of personal experience will unfold and convince you of the reality of God. I can’t begin to guess what you might experience.

Do you remember the story of the blind men and the elephant? Simply stated, a group of blind men touch an elephant to learn what it is like. Each only touches one aspect, the trunk, leg, tail, tusk etc. Upon describing their experience to one another they are in complete disagreement. Substitute humans for blind men and God for the elephant and you can realize that everyone has a different viewpoint making their findings subjective. Anyone who begins the search discovers an original perspective but the actual search for God seems to be objective science for results are assured to all.

If those blind men could communicate via telepathy they would be able to create a comprehensive view of their subject by sharing their observations. Language will evolve into telepathy when we pass beyond this material existence and become increasingly made of spirit. At that point in our evolution experiences can be shared via direct mental transfer. We can begin to sense that reality here and now when we share moments or realization or enlightenment through the reflective field of Love.