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Experiment In Love


• I’ve participated in several episodes of healing. Each occurred when the recipient needed help to resolve an emotional block that was the origin of mental and spiritual suffering of such intensity that it was manifest in their physical bodies. In every case I had prior personal experience with similar difficulties. By achieving a state of inner stillness I was able to use a sort of telempathy to feel and identify the emotional tangle in which they were mired. As soon as I recognized that internal impasse (although not necessarily knowing the specific reasons for it) I could feel a flow of Love being drawn through me by the person in need. It began to dissolve the emotional muddle and ‘suddenly’ the physical problem began to be resolved. I wasn’t a ‘healer’ from the perspective of treating the physical medical conditions but simply an additional resource from which to draw Love. That did the work.

• I’ve observed a similar phenomena in teaching. When I have achieved a relatively greater degree of expertise relative to the ‘student’ I can use a technique of focusing on the project at hand and then achieving a state of inner quiet to become an additional resource of creativity from which they can draw. I’ve felt that energy transmitted by reflection through the field of Love (the Heart is the access point) and watched the recipient become increasingly excited as the light bulb of comprehension lighted up. Two important notes: they didn’t have to be aware of my participation and the results of their effort were original, not at all what I might have done.

• I have experienced of a flow of Love between two people so powerful that it charged the spirits of those around them and caused every one of us to temporarily open our Hearts to one another. That was amazing! (I was one of those affected.)

• I’ve been the recipient of an endless series of illuminations and realizations that have come to me during moments of inner stillness. There is a subtle difference between those two in my experience. Illuminations suddenly reveal a greater perspective. Realizations are the spiritual integration into wisdom by the conscious practice of ideas received in moments of illumination.


Love is the basic field of energy established and maintained by the Creator. Beings created in spirit or evolved to perfection have their forms made of it. Communications of spiritual values are instantaneous throughout this Eternal reality. The mind is a harmonic modulation on the carrier wave of Love. A circuit of persons (Human and Celestial) is necessary to realize manifestations of Love. Those include moments of illumination (receiving enlightened thoughts), realizations brought about by the integration of illumination and experience, healing, communication of telepathic or telempathic (when shared feeling is translated into thought) nature. There will be variety of unique results in every situation when Love flows among beings but the end result is that everyone experiences a spiritual uplift.

Experimenting with Love can be viewed as an objective scientific pursuit that yields subjective results. I believe that a simple group experiment can be performed that would allow all each member to experience this energy by creating a circuit of people. Two personalities of unique spiritual resonance are enough to create a flow of Love. Because that is a fairly rare occurrence I propose experimenting with small groups.


I suggest starting with a group numbering between 12 and 20 people. To be a really successful experiment I’d also propose that they have different points of view on spirituality. That would yield more valuable results than a seemingly homogenous group with a specific belief system. Part of the goal is to create a shared experience and learn to appreciate that each participant has a unique perspective.

Those who volunteer for the research should either have previous experience of Love in action or at least be conditionally willing to accept the idea that Love is real energy and it flows among a circuit of people. Additionally, each would be required to have practiced some technique of accessing a state of inner quiet. Individual techniques may be considered meditation, prayer or stillness. The name doesn’t matter.

For this experiment every participant needs to prepare and bring two ‘items’ that they find to be of inspirational value to share with the group. They might include a quotation or a short reading. Someone might share a story about a moment of illumination they received. Creative options such as a song, writing a bit of poetry to share, handing around a graphic image of spiritual value might be appropriate offerings. You might ask for help in solving a problem or assistance of a healing nature for someone not present. I can’t begin to imagine all the possibilities but each would be an expression of truth, beauty, humor or goodness. These will create temporary focal points for the group consciousness and act to harmonize the group.

During the actual experiment members should sit comfortably in a loose circle. The idea is simple. Go around the circle twice with each person sharing one of the spiritual topics they have prepared. They should be fairly short. After each is presented the members of the group could respond with their thoughts or feelings to enhance or illuminate the original offering. But …

… But before any discussion starts the entire group should sit quietly for a short period of time and access their inner sources. I believe one minute would be long enough to begin with and even a shorter time would suffice as the experiment progresses and the group is increasingly tuned through Love. A brief period of silence after each shared viewpoint is an important aspect of the research. First impulse replies come from our reactive minds that operate in conjunction with our emotions and tend to be critical. A short pause of internal quiet will allow us to open our hearts and access the reflective mind that can receive enlightening thoughts. That's what we want to share.

I expect this experiment to yield real spiritual experiences such as little bursts of illumination and that everyone will leave the event with an increased access to Love.