Back Theoretics


Not long ago I thought an acquaintance told me that I had completely failed to communicate in my writing. Ironically, I had interpreted his comment as criticism while he thought it was an offer of help. In response to that faulty communication I spent a couple of weeks wondering how to describe spiritual reality more clearly. The old acronym “Keep It Simple, Stupid” popped into mind and became the goal of this essay.

Our brains are divided into two hemispheres. The right hemisphere is akin to a parallel processor in that it accesses multiple streams of data all at the same time. It lives in the present moment, ‘thinks’ in pictures and learns kinesthetically. The left hemisphere acts like a serial processor. It constantly picks out individual aspects of the environment upon which to focus, remembers their past relationships and projects those into the future. It works in a linear mode and ‘thinks’ in languages.

Our right hemisphere integrates us into the whole of reality while the left hemisphere is the source of our sense of individuality. The left-brain function allows us to interact with out material existence, analyzing it piece by piece. That skill allows us to modify it. It is also in a constant two-way dialog with our emotions so our thoughts are colored by our own hopes, history and patterns of behavior inherited from our ancestors. The right-brain task is to integrate us into the whole of creation. It is our receiver for spiritual communication. Using the right brain to utilize inspiration requires developing the ability to achieve a state of stillness; inner quiet is the key. The normal left-brain chatter in your head deafens you to the messages that will help guide you.

There is a constantly shifting balance between those two elements of our minds. When we decide to begin practicing with spirituality, early experiences will most likely be intuitions. They will seem to come from within the self and relate most directly to our physical world. What is happening is that data from the linear, ‘material’ mind is being integrated by a bit of spiritual input. That makes it able to recognize probable future realities. Usually we feel intuitive messages. Some people are able to picture them clearly, realize they have been given the vision and may call themselves psychics.

The next level of spiritual event is more obvious. Realizations are experienced as the light bulb of illumination goes off. Generally these episodes are the result of long prior effort on the part of the recipient. They have focused on some aspect of reality enough to gain a palette of ideas of and experiences related to the area of interest. Moments of inner quiet build up during the process until a ‘critical space’ is attained and inspiration fills the void. It rearranges your mental syntax into a new perspective that may answer questions, help in creations or imply a course of action. You aren’t accessing a primordial ooze of intellectual memes but becoming a recipient of cosmic assistance.

When you’ve experienced enough realizations you might consider trying taking your spiritual-self online so to speak. Choosing to become a participant in the world of the spirit is a quantum leap over the unconscious participation you have experienced so far. You will learn that there is a whole Universe of persons, or beings if you will, who all are tuned through Love to help work toward perfection. Enjoy the journey!