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The Futility of Prophecy

Some time ago I wrote a little essay called “The Second Coming.” In it I offered two points that still seem valid. The first one was simply that no one is privy to the timeline of cosmic events although many profess to be. As a result you are better off being skeptical of all such claims. My second point, which was at the end of the essay, was more realistic yet. If we learn to practice Love before Christ’s actual return we can fully embrace the experience. I still think those are reasonable notions.

In between those two points I described what, at the time, seemed to me to be a plausible event of such magnitude that it would change the world. The idea was built out of bits and pieces of ideas, which float around and have some degree of popular acceptance, leavened with wishful thinking. In those I wove the personal experience I’ve shared in the story and associated images called “Portrait of Christ”. Well I’d like to repudiate my own theory. You see I have a new one. That’s why prophecy is futile.

Recently I’ve been exposed to a whole new set of ideas that simply feel more realistic. They have come from a variety of people who claim to be in contact with Celestial teachers. I’ve been introduced to ideas such as The Teaching Mission, The Correcting Time and my favorite set of channeled wisdom 11:11 Progress Group Messages. All these teachings use the Urantia Book as a frame of reference so I’m favorably inclined. However I still keep my skeptical filter in place unless an idea seems both intellectually and emotionally satisfying or is validated by personal experience.

My belief that the world needs a spiritual awakening is just as true today as ever before. Now I feel that this is going to be simply a practical process of progressive individual enlightenment without any great miraculous upheavals affecting the whole planet. It seems to me that there will be a prolonged period of time that is just getting started (in the slow time frame of cosmic events). More and more people will awaken to the realization that Love is the answer. While staunchly rooted materialists may have great tribulation, the transition from competition to community will be an evolution induced by necessity rather than a revolution prompted by Divine intervention.

It is a common belief that great trauma will be required to usher in this metamorphosis. I don’t believe that needs to be the case. How will it be accomplished? That is the most amazing thing of all. The world will be transformed by little acts of Love. A kindness here, a smile there, moments of shared empathy and generosity will provide the energy that fosters change. A circuit of Love will be created among us to lift our spirits from the slumber of the isolated selfishness that is rooted in our fears.

As this evolution progresses a number of Celestial beings will be incarnated in human forms to live among us and teach us prior to Christ’s return. The name of the most august of these persons is supposed to be Monjoronson. I have a problem with that. Every time I see that name my mind interprets it as Major Johnson. As soon as that happens I instantly think of Space Oddity. “This is ground control to Major Johnson…” I think I’ve lost it.

All together now, “… and that’s why prophecy is futile!”