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God's Body

I once wrote and essay entitled God’s Nose. The opening line was, “God doesn't have a nose. Ha ha.” I then meandered through a number of ideas and ended with this paragraph. “As space and gravity are the root elements of physical existence and these elements variously expand and contract over the eons, it could be analogously hypothesized that they are very like the inhalations and exhalations of The Creator. Could it be that Paradise is just God's Nose after all? I leave that to your conjecture while I tussle with the possible need to completely rewrite this essay.”

This is the rewrite. I’m taking a class about Time and Space created by Stacey Jackson for UBIS (Urantia Book Internet School). The first paper we are studying is Paper 11 The Eternal Isle of Paradise. The ending of God’s Nose reflects my vague memory of the revelations about Paradise found in that paper. To follow this runaway train of thought you might want to give it a read. I believe the descriptions of Paradise and its functions are factual but they are merely a verbal sketch of reality and my understanding of them is sketchier yet. Here goes…

Paper 11 introduces us to Paradise, an actual location at the ‘geographical center’ of creation. It is the residence of The Creator, the origin of all spiritual energies, the goal of all ascending personalities and much more. Beyond the spiritual, it is a generator of all those energies that constitute reality. The paper talks about space reservoirs, space respiration, gravity, some seemingly mechanistic aspects that pumps energy throughout Creation as a heart might and numerous other fundamental functions. Now I don’t really understand this of course but after a half a dozen reads and days of thought I had an insight.

When “the eternal and infinite I AM achieved Deity liberation from the fetters of unqualified infinity” (God I love the grandeur of that statement) It-She-He created a body to inhabit. It is the Grand Universe. Space respiration is the breath of God. The two space reservoirs are God’s lungs. The nose is located just under Nether Paradise where both types of space flow through the transmuting regulation channels. God’s physical heart is located in the outer margins of the under surface of Nether Paradise. Universes are His extremities, galaxies His molecules and solar systems His atoms. We are made in the image of God more that we might imagine but in analogous forms rather than precise replication.

All of a sudden truisms such as ‘we are all one’ gained startling new clarity. It became simply a fact that my body is a tiny part of God’s. Now I’m going to dive into the deep end of the analogy pool. A quark is an elementary particle and a fundamental constituent of matter. If solar systems are God’s atoms then worlds are His electrons. As they are life-cradles of new personalities emerging into reality to begin their paradise ascent, those unique little bits of spirit are mighty like quarks. I decided to call them quirks. That’s right you are a Quirk of God. Those who have yet to discover God within think they are quirks of fate.