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A String Theory of Eternity

Our individual relationship to eternity has already begun before birth of course, when we were just a gleam in God’s eye so to speak. Eternity has always and will always be an existential reality for it is a quality of the absolute perfection of the Original™ I AM that is the origin and foundation of all existence. A major element of the design of the Grand Universe is the self-distribution of personality. That is to say that each self-aware spark of consciousness has its origin in God the Father.

Now Divinity is infinite in some aspects, but in the worlds of time and space infinity is only a potential. Reality is a process of the realization of that potential. So it is that two people, themselves tiny little I Am sparks (Quirks of God), living at the outermost material fringes of potential realization can collaborate to create a new being. They become co-creators with God in the emergence of a new personality. Hi Mom and Dad.

At birth this new personality has a string back to the original source in the personality gravity circuit of the Father. Upon emergence from potential to actual that string starts to vibrate. Initially it is reacting in response to the material reality that provides definition for the nascent self-awareness. It is dealing with facts. From a spiritual perspective, the view of eternity, it is a two dimensional vibration. As facts are collected and meanings start to accrue the frequency pattern of the personality gravity string gains added volume becoming more of a helix although still relatively linear.

Then suddenly one day the string has a new movement because a value decision (a decision of spiritual substance; most often a moral decision) is made real by an action of the emerging personality. It adds a new dimension to the helical movement giving it growth in addition to volume. That event registers the being as a potential candidate for eternal existence. Immediately upon registration a pre-personal shard of God, the Thought Adjustor is dispatched to guide and potentially partner with the personality. Aha! We have a second string directly from Creator to creature.

At first it is hard to appreciate all the effort or our second string. We seem to treat it like a tin can telephone with a slack string, barely hearing a thing. In time though, from inward inquiry we begin to ‘hear’ and appreciate our inner guides. This interaction gives their strings a helical growth pattern too. Eureka! Our spiritual DNA is a double helix of reciprocal strings to God. The body of spiritual values being realized by our willing collaboration with our Adjustor is the Soul, the origin of our form in eternity.

So as we grow in perfection and go through the various levels of the Morontia Worlds, Local Universe, Super Universe and Havona our two-helix patterns gain substance from value (spirit). As they move closer to God their circumference expands as their length diminishes. Initially time is our capacity to perceive only the peaks of waveform frequencies. As the helix patterns of our consciousness expand we increasingly live on the outer circumference of our spiritual gravity strings and time slows. It all becomes very circular. Eventually we are so perfected that we experience a final shift from waveform to a standing wave reflective of all frequencies. That is eternity.