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Legs In Paradise

I walk a great deal. Not only is it excellent exercise if you huff and puff a bit but also once you’re warmed up it is easy to slip into a meditative state. I’ll be trudging along pondering some idea and then enter into a receptive mode that allows the universe to chime in with those little hints of enlightenment that add insight. For the last couple of months I’ve been pondering the nature of the soul.¹ Of course being of a practical nature it seemed obvious to start wondering if I could still walk around at the end of the ascension trail. In short will I still have legs in Paradise?

Yes that’s a long ways off. There will be lots of transitional forms between our earthly bodies and the shapes we will inhabit once we are sufficiently perfected to live in spirit. If you view the soul as our spiritual bodies being evolved through experience it seems evident that as we progress through the different levels of universe realities our souls will increasingly affect the forms we will inhabit. They will act as a contour gauge, a semi-spiritual/spiritual mold within which our newer life vehicles (sensory shrouds) will be crafted. I’m pretty confident in asserting that yes we will have legs for most of that journey; at least through the worlds of time and space.

Should you be lifted from your material existence into spirit right at this moment (you would probably have to be enseraphimed … just guessing) here’s how you would perceive of ‘yourself’. The elements of which you are composed when seen with the eyes of the spirit would seem to be both invisible and visible. Your personality would have no apparent substance. It is the self-conscious, self-aware element, a unique and discrete point of view that houses the knowledge that I Am.

You, this elemental personality, are assigned an allotment of space resembling your material form in that there is a head, torso and four extremities. You would see this space as a radiant shadow. Its shape is the hallmark of our type of personalities, an identifier of our origins. Surrounding that is a somewhat nebulous golden glow. It is our soul; the collection of spiritual values that we are in the process of realizing. When our souls become fully realized in spirit they become the substance of our eternal forms.

You’ll also see that there exists a single piercingly bright white spark residing in the location that would be occupied by your physical heart here on earth. That is your very own Spark of God. It is the spiritual gravity of this Divine Shard that holds your soul securely while its guidance nurtures your continuing creative development. When we leave here and are resurrected in future worlds our souls are elemental in the creation of the bodies we will inhabit. As our ascension adventures continue our bodies will increasingly be reflections of the spiritual progress we have made.

I have to conclude that the basic human outline, once an elemental expression of space and time will still be with us in Paradise. It will be a comforting remembrance and identifier of our humble origins. With that question off my list I'm now wondering; will we still get hiccups in Heaven?

¹UBIS class: The Soul -- Offspring of Divine Spirit and Material Mind created by Marta Elders