Back Theoretics

Plain and Simple

Forget about astrology, Christianity, anthroposophy, self-actualism, Judaism, nature worship, spiritualism, Islam, hypnotism, faith healers, Buddhism, past life regression, automatic writing, remote viewing, ghosts, kundalini, materializations, Hinduism, channeling, I Ching, psychedelics, crystals, Sufism, remote viewing, numerology, aliens, ectoplasm, end times, Ouija boards, Mormonism, the occult, chakras, Law of Karma, Holy Books, attunements, Archons, clairvoyance, The Twin Flame, ego, seers, Confucius, non-efforting, prayer, transhumanism, Gaia, parapsychology, spirit guides, Yoga, meditation, ascension, Theosophy, signs and wonders, New Age, rituals, Law of Attraction, Sikhism, séances, The Ten Commandments, mediums, Wiccan, Ayahuasca, divination, Tarot Cards, stone circles, Islam, noosphere, The Seven Rays, soul mates, meditation, esoteric knowledge, past life regression, attachment, The Correcting Time, Tai Chi, enlightenment, atheism, sun worship, audiovoyance, phrenology, near death experiences, Druids, mesmerism, syncretism, the Axis Mundi and Coeti, Voodoo, the Kabbala, Gnosticism, Scientology and antahkarana.

Whew! What did I miss? Well, forget that too. What do you have left? You have everything you need to embark upon your own customized spiritual path. What's the first step? Do the best you can. Wait ... what? It can’t be that easy! Well, it really is that simple but not necessarily easy.

You see most of us deal primarily with physical stuff. We make stuff. We need stuff to live. In our world some people are trying to get all the stuff and that tends to make us fixated on stuff because they make it seem as though there’s a shortage. There’s the problem. Perhaps the most basic shift toward a life that includes a spiritual path is when your attention shifts from the material stuff you get to the quality of what you do.

When you try and do the best you can first start thinking about what you are doing and how to do it better. That elevates your effort from labor to craft. When you include the heart, craft is elevated to art. After a while you will realize that your best comes when values felt in the heart are a primary source of motivation. Truth, beauty, and goodness are the big three. As a great teacher said, “Truth is Love, Beauty is Creative, and Goodness is the Will of the Creator.” (Teacher Ophelius)

To really do your best attend to your heart’s attitude. When your intent is genuine new creative possibilities will come as inspirations. A friend of mine was a schoolteacher for a long time. She was so invested in helping her students that she was the recipient of a constant stream of original creative ideas that ‘just came to her.’ They were exciting. Acting on them was fun and changed her student’s lives. You will experience similar in your life. It will be tailored just for you. Once you’ve experienced that personally it’s natural to try and understand the way the universe works. See paragraph one.

When every one can listen to their heart’s direction and become creators as opposed to acting on their gut-level reactions and getting stuff to alleviate their fears we will suddenly have a new world. It will be a world of Love. So when will this world of Love come into existence, you wonder? When you create it; it’s up to you.