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Inspiration By Watts

I learned a new word today. Briffit is the cloud of dust that appears when a comic character is running fast. It, along with plewds and grawlixes, is part of an obscure vocabulary, Symbolia, invented to define comic drawing conventions by Mort Walker, the cartoonist who created Beetle Bailey. Though I've done a bit of inconclusive research, no one seems to have given a name to the light bulb going off above a character's head. So I will. That light bulb is inspiration.

We all know what inspiration is. The feeling of illumination coming down through the top of the head is usually accompanied a rearrangement of one's ideas into an innovative pattern that provides enhanced insight. I suspect it was the new idea component that cartoonists were communicating but inspiration is the actual event. In such cases the mind acts like a translator. It is interpreting the energy that is speaking to the spirit into ideas the mind can consciously hold.

A further leap in understanding is to realize that inspiration is a basic spiritual event. Everyone can experience it and learn to use it as a guide toward enlightenment. You can use it as a practical resource in acts of creation, problem solving and discovery as well as obtaining inward directions. Continual practice of accessing inspiration on a regular basis inevitably leads one to conscious participation in the spiritual economy of the planet. Learning that you are used by it is part of your courtship of interaction with the Universe.

As a practical example, imagine you are trying to invent something. The first step toward any new creation is simply looking at the idea from every angle. You will be studying principles, ideas, and facts that seem to lead in your direction. This is the stage of developing the mental syntax; providing the conceptual building blocks to be shuffled around and create a new perspective. Inspiration itself responds to the request from the heart. Intense focus of attention has the meditational aspect of creating inner quiet. Effort indicates your real desire. At the point of 'critical space', when enough internal quiet is accumulated in addition to the ideas necessary to flesh out a new concept, the Universe will answer with a brainchild of realization by rearranging the mind.

Inspiration comes in a range of intensities. Returning to the cartoon light bulb, I think of different wattages and imagine a chart, Inspiration By Watts. At the top end, I speculate, might be an event when a person becomes so perfected they are translated into spirit energy for a journey to their next level of existence without dying. That would occur at 10,000 watts. At 5,000 would be the very rare experience where a person is temporarily elevated into spiritual form so some aspect of the greater reality might be revealed to them and through them. At 1,000 we find life-altering conceptualizations and realizations affecting people who will change the world. Personal revelations, epiphanies, occur about 500 watts. At 100 watts are major breakthroughs in world-changing ideas. Finally we get to the more common 5 and 10-watt inspirations. While not as dramatic, they are the continuing dynamic proof we have of the spirit working in and through us.