Back Theoretics

Ten Years of Forgiveness

Dear Michael, Creator Son

Remember me? Heh heh, that’s a little joke. Forty-some years ago you gave a callow youth a personal audience. That was the greatest gift I’ve ever received. It allowed me to perceive the spiritual reality of existence. Experiencing divine Love forever created an absolute reference point in the compass of my heart. I never knew quite why I was allowed that encounter but I’m going to presume upon our acquaintance to ask for help. Yes I know, what’s new? Well this is different because I’m asking for the whole world. It’s an ungodly mess down here and we need help rather desperately.

I’m invoking a lawful principle, the right to petition for redress of grievances. Normally such a petition would go to the head of one’s Earthly government but they could not possibly respond to such an appeal for they are part of the problem. It’s time to go straight to the top. You are the now the fully invested Creator and Ruler of my Universe. I can petition no one higher. This is my plea. Enough already.

I think describing my understanding of the historical context is in order. I don’t know an excessive amount of detail but am given to understand that this mess all started with the Lucifer rebellion. That essentially was an inversion of spiritual potency into egotistical power. It was expressed as an exhibition of delusional self-aggrandizement; the Divine right of Me, so to speak. I know there were intellectual sophistries that seemed attractive to the beings deceived by this rejection of God’s purpose.

The spiritual governance of Earth joined that rebellion. I believe the actual celestial perpetrators of this blight have been brought to judgment and their cases have been adjudicated. The residual momentum of that spiritual disaster is continuing at a ferocious pace here on earth. It remains embedded in our emotions, mental patterns and institutions. The planet and its entire population are under attack by a number of cartels. To suggest our survival is at stake is not an exaggeration.

Airplanes fly overhead every day spewing clouds of metallic aerosol sprays. They are killing the planet. Of course no one takes credit for this insanity. When they do it will probably be presented as mitigation of global warming or protection from some other equally nebulous threat. Genetically modified ‘foods’ that need poison to grow are a weapon against the population. Energy companies are injecting huge amounts of poison deep into the earth in a process called fracking. Small groups in secret government agencies create terrorist events to horrify the world into accepting the loss of freedoms. Endless wars are waged at the behest of those who, by their love of money and delusions of god-like powers, are the worldly inheritors of the Lucifer mantle.

Education has been coopted to fragment the attention span and foster emotional dependency on authority rather than independent critical thinking and creativity. Children who innately reject that system are claimed to have disabilities and are controlled with drugs. Outbreaks of disease are instigated intentionally so drug companies can profit. Vaccines are designed to compromise the immune systems of recipients. That’s part of the decision by those at the top of the Earthly social pyramid to decimate the world’s population. They intend to be in control of a feudal system of effective slaves when their plans mature. I don’t even have enough time to address colossal affront of the usury based money and banking systems that are at the root of all this. The media creates mirages of deceit on their behalf, spews forth non-stop stories of hatred and fear. They are used to train people to blindly react to uncomfortable truths with catch phrases of denial such as conspiracy theory.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that there is a huge host of heavenly beings working overtime to foster a spiritual awakening here on earth. I hope they are getting paid time and a half at least. (Cue a cosmic laugh track here.) Their work is incredibly effective but I fear it isn’t enough. To put it bluntly the bad guys aren’t giving up. I believe we need extraordinary help.

Remember when you said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do”? I’d like to restate that for our present needs, ‘Forgive us for we don’t know what we’re doing’ or FUFWDKWWD. We need that forgiveness. We are all victim-participants in allowing this mess to exist but in truth it isn’t our fault. Fears are institutionally reinforced at every turn to keep us enmeshed in the machinations of those trapped in their own fantasies of world domination. Wealth and power are bait dangled in exchange for souls. Some will do anything for mammon. Others are so brainwashed by convincing lies they will blindly follow orders. Most make the best compromise possible to assuage their survival fears and egotistical defenses. Almost all of us on this planet are compromised to some degree. FUFWDKWWD.

Drastic action is required, I believe. I’d like to suggest a somewhat fuzzy plan. In doing so I’m trying to take into account that it must pass the test of maximizing the spiritual progress of all. That would include all the beings in your Local Universe, material as well as celestial. It will have repercussions beyond, clear to Paradise. Of course I don’t know if this is realistic but here’s my vision for the best future of which I can conceive. It requires your direct intervention.

Could you provide an experience of God’s Love such as the one I received to everyone here on earth? Furthermore could that occurrence be used as a filter in the process of separating those who are able to embrace it even slightly from those who cannot? I understand that there is an Avonal Son with a staff of Melchizedeks about to incarnate whose arrival signals a new dispensation. Should their physical arrival be coincident with that event the process of determining which souls should be relocated for remedial work on the Mansion worlds would be simplified. (I have to mentally chuckle about the idea of such a process being characterized as simplified.)

If the truly evil people and those who are so spiritually crippled that they recoil from Love were removed we would have a real chance to begin our recovery. The continuing presence of beings of Divine origin would be a living proof of the spiritual reality that their teachings will convey. I know some people might wish for them to be our leaders. I would like them to be spiritual exemplars and teachers who reveal the actual nature of the Universe in which we find ourselves. That’s the foundation we need. I submit that it would be best for us to be the creators of our own world’s material recovery. There are already people here who are developing needed solutions. We could blossom as a people and create immense goodness I believe.

So what happens after this separation? The immediate transition will be difficult. I think of that period as Ten Years of Forgiveness. All debts and past errors must be forgiven. Self-forgiveness is funny stuff. It requires admission of fault and restitution through creative positive action to be believed by the individual, sort of re-establishing a personal karmic balance. We will need truth commissions to obtain the testimony from those who participated in evil but didn’t embrace it, as proven by their continued existence. We won’t be assigning blame for no one is completely blameless. From those stories a truthful history of our world will be created. I’m just beginning to appreciate just how strange it will actually be but that is necessary for us to give up emotional attachments to the falsehoods we’ve been taught.

New institutions of all sorts will need to be created. The family ought to be recognized as the essential element of every society. We will need a debt free money system, government by participatory consensus, education for individual development, a focus on health rather than medicine, communication and transportation systems that don’t deteriorate the natural environment, etc. New technologies will be needed to replace those that are currently such an earthly disaster. We can do it. The only place I see we need extraordinary material help is in the area of nuclear energy. Could you adjust physical reality so that those elements would be stabilized, please?

The hardest part of the change for those here on earth will be shrugging off the shackles of dependency by which our creative abilities have been diminished. Decentralization and personal initiative will become the order of the day. The sovereignty of the individual is best for the development of a spiritually fruitful reality. We who have struggled in the last gasp of the dominion of evil will have a hard time with that. Our children and all future generations will blossom once the habit of reacting to fears is replaced by creating from Love.

It seems to me that our goal for the first hundred years or so would be to clean up our messes and help the earth recover. Some projects would be detoxification of the land, cleaning the oceans, aiding the recovery of as many plant and animal species as possible and reversing desertification. I even have two hopes for an extended time line. About five hundred years out I’d like to have Adam and Eve’s children return to complete the biological uplift process their parents started. My final wish would be this. Would you don your human form once more and visit us physically in about a thousand years? Partly, I’m sure we would want to show off in the hopes of getting your Divine stamp of approval but in greater measure we will need to express our gratitude and thanks for everything.

Love, Welles B Goodrich