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A Most Important Possession

My most important possession is not a thing at all. It is a conception of the Universe. That isn’t just a composite of ideas but a visualization that includes the nature and structure of reality, purpose of existence and probable destiny. It is built from experiences interpreted through a constantly evolving screen of concepts and feeling.

However hazy your vision or idea of the universe may be it is the ground in which your motives are rooted. Those are incredibly important for you become a reflection of the spirit of your actions. Actions are the words of your conversation with God. They are the building blocks of your soul.

In this world the most common reality consensus seems to be that we manipulate the external world to yield internal results. Getting stuff is expected to yield happiness. It does … superficially and temporarily. If we stay the course we needed more and more. Once all our conceivable material desires are met and we still feel unsatisfied the next step of this flawed strategy is to try and control material reality itself rather looking inward to confront our fears and grow beyond them into Love.

The planet on which we live is being destroyed because the world is mindlessly pursuing this flawed strategy. The world is substance of our imaginations.

The antidote to all the problems we face begins with the recognition that we have it backwards. Reality is created from the inside out not outside in. That means you have to listen to what goes on within yourself to break that pattern and become the needed change. At first it is very difficult. The best discovery of all is occurs when you realize there is an internal guide just waiting for the chance to help you. You are not alone. Ask.

As time goes by continued inward inquiry becomes a skill that yields joyous results. You can learn to actively use your capacity to recognize cosmic prompting used for life guidance. I’m always amused by my guidance system. It provides spiritual direction that is blindingly obvious in retrospect but to which I was completely oblivious just moments before. Inspirations and illuminations are the common results of openhearted inquiry. The key to access these is internal silence that allows us to listen.

The result of a dynamic communion with your inner source is that you start to become the co-creator of your own little corner of existence. No, you can’t have it all… so get over that fantasy. To follow the guidance discovered within requires your acceptance of its path for it is maximizing your spiritual potential. Often what you think you want is not in your real best interest and you will have to let go of old patterns of desire.

At some point you may realize that the help you receive comes from persons not just some amorphous universal consciousness. The aspect of the Creator to which we can most easily relate is personality. That is our essential nature. It is helpful if you use that as the foundation on which your universe conception is built. Talking to God is so much more personal than, “Dear Generic Energy Construct...” At first your connection will be an occasional event, then daily and ultimately it becomes a state of being.