Back Theoretics


I often assert that every family unit has the right to a non-taxable home site. My belief is simple. The elemental building block of any enduring society able to withstand the constant challenges that Earthly life provides is a healthy family. Individuals who have learned to take the initiative and responsibility for their lives create healthy families.

I believe that the most prevalent idea of family in my culture is a married man and woman with their children. There is no doubt that it is a common interpretation. Ideally not only are material needs addressed but also emotional and spiritual needs are fulfilled by the Love shared within these tiny societies.

That definition of family is a little narrow for me. Many people who still have the need for family don’t fit that description. We could extend it a little further and say that any grouping of adults raising children would be considered a family. That would be considerably more inclusive. That still seems too narrow so I’d like to jump into the deep end and suggest that any grouping of people operating among themselves without the need for the exchange of money is a family. Sound’s radical, huh?

You see money enters the social equation when we feel the need to keep score. That implies the need to look after selfish interests. Groups of people can operate from Love. To date it is rarely encountered and tends to be treated with distrust by those who have been culturally indoctrinated to believe in selfishness. That is the materialist’s point of view and honestly it is still quite prevalent. It is also spiritually unfulfilling.

Our world needs change. Incremental change is no longer an option. The old world of materialism is trashing the whole planet. Radical change is required. That doesn’t mean destruction of the existing institutions but creating new ones. Let the old whither away due to lack of interest. The solution starts with small groups of people actively creating community; actively nurturing the earth; actually living from a basis of Love, not money. These small groups will find one another and those connections will be nodes the circuit of Love that changes our planet.

How does it happen? As an individual you have to set your heart to become a personal exemplification of the Golden Rule. Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you. This is happening right now all around you. As you act from that basis you will find kindred spirits. Working together you will be creating a new world. The intent of your actions, the purpose that’s held in your heart, will always be manifest in the results.

I already see little clusters of people devoted to opening their hearts who are supporting one another as family. As the spirit of this world changes I look forward to the day when the first village is operating from a basis of Love. Not long after we should see the first county, then state, then country and finally world. This isn’t a dream; it is inevitable. The change has already begun. There’s no stopping it now. Love will sweep the planet and its transformation will be so profound that we will truly become a human family.