Back Theoretics

A Personal Universe

In my more facetious moments I might say that our Universe is intentionally designed by the Creator to keep from being bored. In a less flippant attitude I understand it is to develop new creative potentials by self-distribution of personality fragments. Each of us is a spark exhibiting that unique hallmark of our Creator, self-awareness. I AM self-distributed to I Am and I am and i am ad infinitum. We human beings are tiny elemental particles of personality with unimaginable creative potentials. We are quirks of God.

Some beings are eternal. Some are created perfect. We, however, can evolve from our rather humble animal origins to dizzying heights of relative perfection. The unifying element for all varieties of beings is Love. From the foreshortened perspective of my material consciousness I view that spiritual energy of God as a field through which all types of beings communicate. It is the medium through which those of greater Divinity nourish the lesser that all may flourish in spirit to become more real. Therein lies the substance of the truth, “It is better to give than receive.”

Love is both a medium and the elemental creative energy. It is transmitted through circuits of persons. Each time it is accessed the being doing so is changed. In our case that means our souls gain substance. As a medium it is used to share reflected truth, and cosmic harmonies of beauty and goodness. There is nothing mechanical about it.

Our planet is undergoing an unprecedented spiritual awakening. People all over the world are expressing that reality in different ways. Intuition, the recognition of relative truths, inspiration, the wonder of serendipitous events, the upwelling of gratitude and love are all correctly felt to be spiritual events. Everywhere I hear people talk about their connection to ‘The Universe’ and shared that sincerely held point of view for years.

Yet there was something strangely amorphous and unsatisfying in the conception of a nearly mechanistic Universe discoverable through spiritual laws. It dawned on me that this is a Personal Universe. Personality is the aspect of the Creator that we can know in eternity. In time we have representatives of Divine perfection directly available to be our immediate guides as our journeys of spiritual attainment traverse their Local Creations. To discover them we must use our spiritual transceivers. We send our petitions for guidance with our hearts and receive the answers in a state of receptive stillness.

That recognition led me to start addressing my inward inquiries to persons. Christ, Michael of Nebadon, was an obvious choice because of my experience with that Being. At that time I ‘saw’ the actual splinter of God present in my heart and over time have learned to recognize its activity (sometimes). Just recently I was prompted to learn about the Mother Spirit and discovered to my amazement that I might be familiar with her activity most of all. I’m sure She and her offspring are the persons who have guided much of my life with intuitions, inspirations, realizations and enlightenment.

I’ve no doubt that there is The Trinity at the heart of all creation. But for the time being I can address the more immediate representatives of that eternal infinity in the persons of Christ Michael and Nebadonia who, with my Thought Adjustor, are my Local Trinity.