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Consciousness At Rest

When you aren’t busy with some activity or focusing your attention where does your consciousness come to rest? For most of my life my consciousness came to rest in ‘the guts’. I believe that is a fairly normal state of affairs for most people. That emotional center is a storehouse of hurts, fears and desires but it can also be used to feel the qualities of material reality during acts of creation. Every one of the mostly transient feelings that originate in the guts is reflected in thought, the constant chatter in the mind. The non-stop soliloquy in my mind was a reaction to my defenses from experienced and inherited fears and desires. It was all guts all the time. Ugh.

It doesn't have to be that way though. I’ve been learning to raise the seat of my consciousness to the heart. My strategy is simply paying attention to the feelings in the physical analogs (heart and guts) and their association with my mental activity. “I” am a unique spark of self-awareness, the sense of knowing that I exist. The “I” can reside in the heart or guts. With practice I can choose which. The difference is profound.

We all know ‘the guts’. Ooh my mind is busy, busy, busy. I want. I plan. I get. I live in the past. I live in the future. Aye yai yai it’s all about I! The heart is quiet. It senses values, the spirit of things. When my consciousness resides in the heart Love flows through me into this material plane. It is like turning on a faucet. Love is a force that comes from the Creator and pervades all of creation. The receptor is the heart. As it passes through me my mind is illuminated by inspiration. My actions reflect greater values of beauty, truth and goodness. That is the power of Love.

I discovered during my voyage into the heart (with the help of a small universe of teachers) that there are patterns of energy that are maintained by collective acceptance. The most pernicious of these are emotional patterns that have been reinforced by millennia of repetition. They reside in the guts. Take the most common one. I need to get mine, set myself above others, to dominate them and glorify myself, to protect myself from my fears. The last part of that of that particular ancient emotional baggage is seldom acknowledged. In doing so the hypocritical roots of our actions would cause a great internal conflict. Do I live a lie or seek the truth within?

That horrible pattern is the origin of our enslavement by emotional dependency on external institutions. Those feed us an endless litany of fearful reasons to reinforce their control. It is the foundation of the world that we know. It started a long time ago when some beings declared that there is no God. The bravado of that exaggerated sense of self-exaltation must have tried to mask a massive fearful insecurity to the point of insanity. How do I know? Those who coerce by fear oppose the Divine principle of free will, the God-given right to choose Love. Their results are manifest in planetary destruction. Some actually are insane but I believe most can still choose to change.

Every action is creative. When the motivating energy is a reaction to fears and defenses the results are destructive. When the source is Love the results are positive. Now is the time for every person alive to cast his or her lot with one or the other. Take your pick. Your choice will ultimately convey the potentials of eternity or extinction.