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New World Disorder

‘New World Order’ is a common term used to describe a vision for our planet. Basically it has ‘owners’ ruling as feudal lords after decimating the human population. They are delusional, of course. It will never happen. This is a fantasy of beings who wish to believe that material reality is basically mechanistic and they are in charge.

For most of recorded history folks have been ruled by fear. Many of those fears were rooted in the normal animal reaction to the unknown. Nature seemed inimical for the longest time. Slowly but surely those animal superstitions were replaced with knowledge as humanity and society evolved. Unfortunately a spiritual revolt affected a small section of our Local Universe. Those who would be gods for their own egotistical satisfaction denied the fact of a Creator of All Reality. The denial of the source of their own personalities instilled a fear so profound that it became the unconscious origin of the destructive behaviors that followed. The last gasp of that revolt is still with us.

Two elemental building blocks of creation were subverted by the use of the sophistry most often called ‘laws’. Love as the foundation of the Universe and the absolute principle of Free Will were denied and replaced with Fear and a domination cult of coercion and punishment. Here’s one example. War is institutional murder. You feel it is wrong and don’t wish to pay for it. You are threatened by the loss of your personal liberty. Free Will has just been subverted. It might be legal but it is unlawful.

I hold a different vision for our world. To use a linguistic twist, I call it a New World Disorder. It goes to the heart of your existence. When all is stripped away from ‘you’, your beliefs, emotions and material identity you still exist as a point of self-awareness, an ‘I am’. Why do you exist? Well God is the “I AM”, perfect, replete and complete. However there are an infinite number of potentials that can only be realized through actual experience. The universe and all those personalities within it have been Created, Fathered is a good term, so that each may develop their potentials and thereby enhance the Creator’s existence.

Love is the essential spiritual energy of God. It is refracted by the living prism of the Trinity to reveal Beauty, Truth and Goodness. When we set our hearts on creating with Love each of our actions become infused with those qualities. One peculiar aspect of this way of living is that we must respond to the moment. Change is a constant. The circumstances of our lives are the context within which we become creators with the help of Beings of greater relative Divinity. We all know the illumination of inspirations and realizations. They are gifts from within. You must listen with your heart for your mind to become receptive to the super-conscious. Remember someone is helping you.

The flourishing of every individual will be a hallmark of The New World Disorder. Brand new potentials will be constantly manifest as we develop our Divine connections. In that way we will be building a tapestry of Love under God’s direction but woven by the lives of women and men. Peculiarly we won’t really know what we are doing. Life will become an adventure of eternal discovery as we each become eager participants in the unfolding of reality. Talk about herding cats!