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Environmental Psychotherapy

Long ago I went through a common growth phase rooted in the recognition that I was an emotional wreck. From all the hurts suffered in a difficult life my emotional defenses were so strongly entrenched that I had lost the capacity to feel ... or at least it seemed so. That was a very basic realization. In my attempt to avoid the pain of feeling I'd diverted all my energy into mental effort bolstered by a sort of 'I'll be a genius and show them' attitude. Ugh.

I was determined to do something about this pathetic state of affairs. Psychotherapy seemed a possible avenue for resolving emotional pathologies and yet I didn't really trust the people whom I had met in the field. They generally seemed to be limited by a particular school of thought and had a vested interest in seeing the world through the lens of their particular limitations.

Hmmm ... . I decided to create a psychotherapy tailored to my needs and then put myself through it.

To begin I simply paid attention to the rather nebulous goal of achieving emotional health. After a few days I received a 25-watt inspiration. The light bulb going off was a joyous illumination. Three simple ideas were contained therein.

Within those simple inspired ideas were the additional seeds of a realization that gradually dawned on me. If one creates parts of their physical environment, the spirit they express in those efforts is crystallized in material form and provides a feedback loop to reinforce those traits in the creator. I chose beauty, truth and humor as those qualities I most highly regard and followed the strategy of expressing them in original handiworks.

Many years have passed and I can look back and see some of the consequences of that systematic tactic. Feelings ranging in a spectrum from satisfaction to joy arise from the process of creation. That's the feedback component of the process. It's a pure healing balm for those of crippled emotions. Think of it as a time-release capsule. The physical persistence of the creation continues to provide feedback although that effect does diminish over time. Continuing the creation-feedback loop was a key to progressive growth.

Another result was so simple and practical it seems obvious in retrospect. Learning the skills to create yields confidence in one's competence. With that increase of self-assurance the necessity for emotional defense diminishes. That allows a greater appreciation of the efforts of those around us. It's a good start at learning to love. Learning to love opens the heart. Opening the heart is the highest spiritual attainment possible on this earth. Go for it.